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  1. Absoloutely amazing!! As Geoff said, it looks like you can touch it Rhian
  2. Well i've set it up a few times and had a play around but then as expected it went cloudy (fingers crossed for this weekend!) and i just used it manually to get to grips with it all as i'm impatient and wanted to look at everything! However i did get a bit confused with the allignment process! Will have to look over that all again and try and work it out - if it's unsuccessful then expect a thread with some questions..!
  3. Must remember this when i'm trying to justify buying a more expensive lens! Haha.
  4. Very much so! Taking it out over the weekend to test my new lens
  5. Thanks again for the warm welcomes everyone! Rhian
  6. I will have to have a look at the Celestron 32mm then, been mentioned quite a few times as a good lens to have. I've read it's good for finding stars/clusters etc then swapping to a smaller lens for close up magnification. Helen - yes I do! My mum's welsh and have family up in North Wales. Will be visiting again in August and can't wait to take the telescope up with me!! Rhian
  7. This is exactly how my partner got information on what telescope to buy me for my birthday! He decided to pop into the ASDA up the road from work after working late and there some people gathering with a range of different telescopes in the car park. He said he was so impressed with them that he went over and asked to have look and it's all led on from there! Here i am at 22 with my first (serious) telescope. I do remember being at Secondary School, probably year 7/8 and having a big, blow up domed planetarium visit our school. We basically had a tour of the night sky and someone there to answer any questions we may have had. This is all well and good but i think children/teenagers need to see the real thing to appreciate it.
  8. Thanks for your advice Capricorn. I've actually just ordered a 6mm lens which i saw someone mention on here a couple of days ago. This one to be percise Just as a starting point and to see what it offers beyond the standard lenses that came with the telescope. I am currently looking into/researching a 32-40mm lens but wanted to get some more viewing in (especially with the new lens) first and take it from there as Mel said its easy to make expensive mistake in this hobby. I wouldn't mind upgrading my Barlow anyhow and seeing for myself as i've read, many members have different views on Barlows so i suppose it's down to the individual! Rhian
  9. Well after doing my research around the site and looking into different lenses i've realised that it can get very expensive! So, i don't think i'll be rushing into too many purchases just yet! I'm suprised you knew i was female - get called Ryan a lot! Rhian
  10. Thank you all very much for your warm welcomes! Rhian
  11. Thanks a lot Mike. Just had a look at your website from your sig and your pictures are amazing! Simply breath taking. Rhian
  12. Hello Everyone! I'm Rhian and I’m based on the Essex/Suffolk border. Always been interested in the night sky and had a couple of telescopes when I was younger which my parents (I mean Santa!) had brought me for Christmas but nothing too serious. After buying my partner a 450D for his birthday/Christmas just gone and giving him the opportunity to get into photography (something he's always wanted to do), he decided to repay the favour and brought me a Skywatcher Skyhawk 1145p synscan AZ GOTO for my birthday! I'm a total Novice at the night sky but already I'm hooked -even more so after looking through the forums and seeing the imaging section! I'm not entirely sure where my telescope falls in terms of quality on the market but it's certainly doing its job very well! Looking into updating my standard x2 Barlow (Celestron Ultima hopefully) and gaining some more EPs and replacing the two standard EPs you get with the telescope (10mm and 20mm). So any recommendations would be brilliant! I'd like to start at looking at the Moon in more depth and moving onto Planets and Stars then maybe one day into Nebulas. I'm at the point where I'm a bit too keen and want to buy everything and anything to help my viewing experience even better than it is now! Haha. Anyway I’ve babbled on far too much for my first post. Look forward to sharing my experiences and listening to/seeing yours. Rhian
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