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  1. Thanks for the endorsement krs01. I am getting the Skywatcher Explorer 200 PDS on a HEQ5 Pro as my main scope so can switch to this mount if required (though with the weight of the HEQ5, this will be more for use in the back garden than for travelling to observe!
  2. Welcome to SGL Ian, Your report is exactly why I am about to buy my first scope - there is so much beauty out there that can only be dreamed about. I personally can't wait to see Saturn. The bad news for everyone is that if I order tomorrow, that guarantees about 6 months of cloud cover. Sorry folks, but I'll take the blame now
  3. Moon Lander


    Welcome Bigbear. Turn Left at Orion has also been recommended to myself as a must-have book. I've not bought it yet though as I read there was a new edition coming out. Does anyone know if this is true, and if so, is it out yet? Thanks.
  4. After more discussion and research, we think we have decided on the Skywatcher Skymax 127 as the second, more portable, scope. We do not want the GO-TO option with this. The scope comes as standard on the EQ3-2 mount. In the expert opinion of everyone out there (or those who want to answer) is this mount suitable and if we wanted to upgrade to a GO-TO later, could we still use this mount or would we need to upgrade this as well? We have decided we will be ordering tomorrow, or as soon as FLO are back working, otherwise we could take all year keep changing our minds! Thanks again.
  5. I appreciate that a Moon filter is essential to allow you to view the detail witout blinding yourself. What about other filters though? Do they significantly enhance the viewing experience when looking at the planets, or are there better things to spend money on? If filters are recommended, which are the most useful initially? Once again, thanks for any advice.
  6. Good point about the type of car Astro_Baby - it's a Passat Estate and we don't tend to travel light! I guess it's getting the happy medium, I don't want it too small such that we'd see just as well with a good pair of bins, but at the same time, if we want portability, it needs to be fairly compact and light. The Dob sounds a good idea and no setting up of a tripod certainly appeals, it just looks as if it is a bit bulky. Does anyone know a good shop in the Staffordshire area where we might be able to try one out? Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the further guidance. Just how portable is a Dob? I know they are much lighter then many scopes, but could I get one in the car with luggage to take on holiday, for example? Or is that a challenge with any half decent scope?
  8. The general consensus seems to be to go for something different for the second portable scope. As the second scope will also be used at home so that either my wife or son can view at the same time, I will have to seek counsel on this . On a practical viewpoint, is there much difference in the height from the ground of the eyepiece between the 130 I was proposing and the 150 Dob? My wife has a bad back and needs something that does not involve too much bending - the 130 appeared to be around the right height. Thanks again!
  9. Thank you for all the advice. I have made a decision based on the direct advice given and also from reading other posts and replies to others with similar queries. I am going to go for the 200 (P or PDS) PRO with the HEQ5 Mount. In addition (at the suggestion of my wife), I am also going to buy the 130 on an EQ2 mount. This will give me more portability (and apparently will also leave room in the car for luggage when we go on holiday ). As the 130 will not have GO-TO, this will also force us to learn the night sky and enjoy the pleasures of finding everything unaided. Thanks again for your advice and I just now need to order and wait for the postman. Here's to happy evenings ahead!
  10. Thanks for the advice so far. I am now leaning towards the HEQ5 PRO mount with the 200 PDS scope. One of the major considerations I seem to need to take into account is portability. Does anyone know the individual weights of the 200 PDS, the EQ5 PRO and the HEQ5 PRO? Thanks again!
  11. I have been reading through the forum with interest as I am looking to buy my first scope. Whilst various posts have helped me to decide the type of scope I want (Sky-Watcher Explorer 200 PDS, though I may settle for the 150), other posts have left me a little confused concerning mounts. I want a GO-TO mount and was looking at the EQ5 PRO, however, a number of posts are mentioning the HEQ5 as being better. Can anyone please explain the difference between the two? I would also appreciate any comments on the choice of the 200 PDS. As a first scope, I want to look at everything, but would expect to start experimenting with photography in the not too distance future. Many thanks in advance.
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