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  1. On a couple of occasions now I have drafted a reasonable length message and then taken a few minutes to read it through to check it makes sense before submitting. When I have then submitted, it tells me I cannot submit as I am not logged on. Can anyone please advise how long it is without apparent activity before the system automatically logs you out? As it loses your text and you have to start again, it is quite frustrating. Thanks.
  2. Thank you all for the advice. I didn't realise eyepieces were so contentious and we even had a business studies lesson thrown into the mix . I was not planning on purchasing any additional EP's yet as I want to get used to the scope and using what I have. I was trying to assess though whether I needed to save up longer to buy a more expensive EP or whether I could get a cheaper one. The general consensus seems to be: - Price does not always equal quality. - The same eyepiece can be branded differently with a significant differential on price. - Very expensive EP's will significantly enhance the viewing but if you have never used one of these you won't know that you are missing anything! - For a fast scope, a good quality EP is recommended. - Much is down to personal preference which will only be known by trying different EP's out, maybe at a Star Party. This has given me some good guidance and I will continue to read future threads on the subject to help me when I come to buy another. Thanks again.
  3. Welcome to the forum. As others have said, it really depends on your budget and what you are looking to get out of the hobby. You will have an advantage over many though with the dark skies. If you can give a little more information, you will get more advice than you know what to do with
  4. Eyepieces can range in price from £25 to £250 and more. Taking the general rule of thumb that you get what you pay for, I was wondering whether there was a point where your scope meant it was pointless paying any more. For example, if I was to buy (which I am not!) a £275 EP for my Skywatch Explorer 200 PDS, does my scope mean I could not actually gain the benefit a high end EP can bring and I would not see any better than with a £50 EP? Am I better saving up and buying one or two expensive EP's or a larger selection of cheaper ones? What I want to achieve is the best viewing experience as possible with the scope I have rather then ruin it with too cheap EP's. I would appreciate any thoughts or advice. Thanks.
  5. Welcome rockville. It won't take too long before you get to 50 posts. I'm about a week in and over half way there!
  6. Moon Lander

    Hi SGL

    Welcome to the forum Umberto. As you say, it is priceless for newbies like us.
  7. and here's me thinking its all my fault! Mine doesn't arrive until tomorrow - can't wait!
  8. Hi Jason Welcome to SGL, this really is a great forum. Good to see from your photo that you have jumped straight in. I'm not sure whether I want my first photo as clear as yours - I'm working on the basis if the first one is truly awful, then I can only improve
  9. Moon Lander

    Greetings all

    Welcome back to the forum Nikki. There can't be many worse places for this pastime than London! Wales should prove great viewing. Good luck with the move and the star gazing.
  10. Moon Lander

    hi there

    Welcome to the forum Jason and good luck with the imaging.
  11. Hi Tobot I can't answer your question on Celestron, but I'm sure someone else will do. One bit of advice I was given by James at FLO when I ordered my scopes today was not to buy a eyepiece kit initially. Use the ones supplied for a while to see how you find them and then you can tailor your future purchases to what you require. A sound bit of advice and it confirmed to me that FLO was the place to buy. They were more interested in advising me than generating the additional sale today. This guarantees I will go back when I start to buy all the accessories.
  12. I'm 42 and just getting serious. It was really my 10 year old son taking a real interest that prompted me to start to read and observe again. The natural progression from this is the emptying of the bank account
  13. Welcome Datch. The sky has always held a fascination for me, but only really started to do anything about it recently. Counting down to the arrival of my first scope - 2 days to go!
  14. Welcome to the forum Rhian. I'm a novice like yourself and the help from everyone on here has been amazing.
  15. Moon Lander

    The New Guy

    Hi Rob and welcome to the forum. Judging by everyone else's comments, I'm not the only jealous one
  16. Thanks Astro_Baby. With the long, dark nights still a way off, even I should have mastered it by then! Sound advice I will take heed of.
  17. I can only apologise in advance. By my reckoning, you should have at least another two good nights to view. Delivery is anticipated Wednesday and I don't think I'll be able to get it ready for viewing until at least Thursday. Enjoy whilst you can
  18. Welcome to the forum Nick
  19. After listening to the good advice of you all and after changing our mind on many occasions, we have finally order our scopes from FLO today. In the end we settled on: Skywatcher Explorer 200 PDS on HEQ5 PRO mount and Skywatcher Skymax 127 on EQ3-2 standard mount You'll all know when they have arrived by my set-up questions which I am sure I will have . Thank you all for your help and advice to date.
  20. Welcome Tom and good luck with the ISS. It is certainly one of the things I'll be watching for when my scope arrives.
  21. Hi Magaski and welcome to SGL. I only found this myself about a week ago and cannot believe how helpful and supportive everyone is. I believe you will find it challenging to find a question that someone isn't able to answer.
  22. Don't apologise for dumb questions Skuber, it just saves us having to ask them . As I want to try my hand at astrophotography in the not too distant future, I'll make sure I keep following your thread.
  23. Hi Talitha, Thanks for the link, that gives good information on what's available. BTW, I like your feature in Sky at Night, I think sketching brings a different dimension to the subject.
  24. We did consider it, yes. We decided that we would have the GO-TO on one scope (the 200) and try to learn the sky with the other. It will be interesting to see which we use most!
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