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  1. Welcome to the forum Shanmugam.
  2. Welcome to the forum, Midpoint. You can ask any questions here, simple or technical, and there will be someone who can help.
  3. A warm welcome to the forum AA. Ask any questions you have as someone here will know the answer.
  4. Welcome to the forum Sarah. A good choice of scope.
  5. Welcome to the forum Stu.
  6. Hi Michael A good couple of scopes you've made there. I hope you are not too close to Schiphol or the landing lights will give you plenty of light pollution! I live in the UK but work in Hoofddorp - not too far from you.
  7. Welcome to the forum Habanero. It looks like you should get good views through those two scopes.
  8. Moon Lander


    Welcome to the forum and the wealth of information and advice astrospy.
  9. Welcome to SGL Chris. This is, without doubt, the best forum of its type around. You will get some great advice.
  10. Welcome to the forum Carole
  11. I've onlt had the pleasure of enjoying the group for the last two weeks of your first five years, but already feel like I've been here much longer. The knowledge I have gained has also been immense. Thanks to the administrators and I'm looking forward to many years enjoyment.
  12. I hope it gets great use, but when I was in Sixth Form I can't think of anyone who would have gone back to school in the evening for any reason (even the teachers) . You must have some really serious amateur astronomers and great teachers. I hope you get the grades you want and get frequent use of the observatory. Enjoy.
  13. I gave up trying at midnight last night - no sign of the moon, or anything else for that matter. Maybe I should have carried on a bit longer if the moon did come out!
  14. I've just viewed this myself for the first time - awesome!
  15. Whatever you do settle on, if your 10 year old is anything like mine, you will get involved in his hobby whether you want to or not! Since we had our scope delivered a couple of days ago, he has read every handbook, learnt how the mount works and how and where the eyepieces go - it's just a pity it goes dark so late and we have had clouds every night! My personal recommendation would be, dependant upon your budget, buy a scope that the whole family can use. This really is a good hobby for all ages and you can get some great family time together.
  16. Moon Lander

    Hello All!

    A warm welcome from here in Staffordshire too Photonboy.
  17. Looking at the sky, I might get first light tonight - fingers and everything else crossed!
  18. Can't wait until I'm Red Dwarf
  19. I havn't had to do the collimation on my first scope yet as I am still waiting for the mount to arrive, but by all accounts it is one of the Dark Arts. I am assured it is quite straightforward once mastered.
  20. Moon Lander


    Welcome and good luck with the new scope.
  21. If you are looking at buying second hand from the forum, then you will have plenty of time to read up through the various postings on here and you will need to join in the discussions. To try to avoid the dealers, the forum rules are that you need a minimum of 50 posts before you can access the buy and sell section. With good interaction, it will only take a couple of weeks (or less) to get there and it is amazing what you will learn whilst you patiently wait. Good luck with the imaging.
  22. Welcom to the lively interesting debates and the great knowledge sharing lightorb.
  23. Welcome star girl. Good to see another from Staffordshire. I can see exactly what you mean with the rain - my scopes still in its box! Let's hope for better skies quickly.
  24. I'm glad its not just me. I have used the remember me on my desktop, but not when I am connected using my work laptop! Notepad or Word and then pasting is probably the way to go. Thanks for the advice.
  25. Welcome to the forum Hartmann. James, you've made me go and look in the fridge at the mention of the dark stuff - and it's empty
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