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  1. Moon Lander


    Welcome to the forum Skyguy. There are plenty of us on here new to imaging and many experienced with tons of advice to give. Enjoy, and we look forward to seeing your first images posted here.
  2. Moon Lander


    Welcome to SGL Connor. You've come to the right place for friendly people and great advice
  3. Moon Lander

    hello all

    Welocom to the forum Noaksey. I'd be interested in seeing pictures posted of your obsy when complete.
  4. Hi Kay. I recently bought the 200PDS on a HEQ5 PRO mount. The only disappointment has been the obligatory cloud cover that has been around since At least that has given me time to get it set up properly and test it during the odd hour the cloud has disappeared. You do need to know though that it is a big, heavy mount, so you need to think about how far you will need to be moving it.
  5. Moon Lander


    Welcome to the forum. I hope your scope arrives soon and you get many clear nights to enjoy it.
  6. Welcome to SGL. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your images posted on here - having said that, it will probably make me want to go straight out and buy myself a camera
  7. Welcome to the forum Paul. I wish I could have got my kit for that price! Enjoy.
  8. Welcom Timi. We have Making Every Photon Count and I have to say it is an excellent introduction to astrophotography. You can buy a copy from FLO (the forum sponsors). Good luck with the imaging and I look forward to seeing some of them posted here.
  9. Hi Astroman and welcome to the forum. I'm not going to repeat the excellent advice you have been given above, but from my limited experience to date, I think whatever level you start at with both scope and eyepieces, it won't be long before you are looking to upgrade. Enjoy and ask whatever questions you like, there is always someone who can help.
  10. Welcome to the forum from Stone, Staffordshire. I've only had my first scope for 2 weeks and found 2 nights so far when I could get out between the clouds. I guess you buying means the clouds will be over us for another week at least . Enjoy the scope.
  11. Moon Lander

    new comer

    Welcome to the forum Ian. A good set of images.
  12. Hi Edway and welcome to the forum.
  13. I've just gone for the Explorer 200 PDS on a HEQ5 mount. Looks great, though the cloud cover hasn't allowed me to get much use out of it yet. My only comment would be that you need to decide where you will be using it. The whole package is really quite heavy and needs to be moved in at least two pieces and assembled where you will be viewing. If you only need to move it outside to the garden, this is fine, if you live in an apartment and need to lug it up and down stairs, you need to be prepared for a number of trips. I assume the 250 on an EQ6 would be heavier. Portability and what you will be using it for are, in my opinion, crucial to deciding which to go for.
  14. Sounds a good first night Dave. I had everything set up for a nights viewing myself last night, then the clouds rolled in again just as it started to get dark Never mind, there's always tonight. Enjoy your viewing and let us all know when you upgrade to a scope. As always there's plenty of advice to be found on the forum.
  15. Moon Lander


    Hi Clarke Welcome to the forum.
  16. Moon Lander

    New Member

    Welcome to the forum Nigel. Enjoy.
  17. Welcome to the forum Dave. I don't know how close you live to your Mum, but if you are not close enough to go round most evenings, then I give it 3 months max before you buy your own!
  18. A warm welcome to the forum Steem. I have only been a member for a few weeks, but I can confirm it is a caring, sharing community that tries to help everyone achieve the best results possible from whatever equipment they have. Enjoy.
  19. Welcome to SGL Tomys. The good thing about astronomy is that it doesn't matter whether you are 4 or 104, it's good for all ages. I too hope that you can get to somewhere away from the light pollution. Trying to look from inside your apartment also runs the risk of the heat and thermals affecting the quality of your viewing. Having said that, the heat outside might be even worse - not a problem we have to contend with much in the UK
  20. Welcome to the forum Mike. It really helps if your partner also has an interest in astronomy - it helps the discussion on how much to spend and also means she is more likely to be still up at 3am when you want to drag her out to see Saturn
  21. Welcome Dave. Lot's of advise to be had here!
  22. Welcome to the forum Roel.
  23. It's looking good Teddy - I'm a tad jealous My HEQ5 PRO mount arrived today to go with the Skywatcher Explorer 200 PDS that arrived last week. Between the two of us, that should be cloud guaranteed over most of the country!
  24. Welcome to the forum from Staffordshire Hawk Eye.
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