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  1. I would vote for non of the above and vote for a WO binoviewer package.
  2. Got it! Also got the blinking nebula ( I think, didn't look blinking to me )
  3. Clear here but the dob was soaking after only 10 minutes outside, seems to be loads of moisture in the air.
  4. Non stop rain all day here, now its clearing up and BBC weather has clear skies from around 8pm onwards, fingers and everything else crossed.
  5. P.s. that also looks to be a better quality focusser, seems to be a good, possible upgrade for me.
  6. So, when the focusser is all the way in it measures 42mm, that's a good 23mm further in than mine does. Many thanks for your help, much appreciated.
  7. Sounds like one of these http://www.firstlightoptics.com/reflectors/skywatcher-explorer-130.html not sure if its the same mount tho.
  8. Thnx, was just something I tried while the moon was out,I won't be doing it again, I'll leave that to you guys with the monster dobs.
  9. Cheers! I asked a supplier who said I wouldn't get any more "inward travel" by using a low profile one as he said they are about the same as the standard ones, they were made to replace the old style focuser which was a lot bigger. Just wanna make sure before I bought one
  10. ATM I just have the standard focusser that comes with the scope, the ep is approx 65mm away from the tube when the focusser is racked right in. if I bought a sw low profile focusser, how much more inward travel would I get? I thought about moving the primary up the tube but this seems a bit out of my depth. Any help greatly appreciated.
  11. Just polished my dob base and now it rotates beautifully smooth but checked this Weeks weather forecast and out looks like I have got no chance off getting out observing. I think I will go back in the kitchen and spin the dob round for another hour so withdrawal symptoms don't set in.
  12. Same here, even listed my gear on Ebay for a few days. I hardly ever got out because of the weather, I went on holiday where the skies were much darker than I have at home, I got very disheartened. It was the missus and kids who told me not to sell up . Then I got a beautifully clear night and all the enthusiasm came flooding back, now I'm buzzing again.
  13. I don't use anything other than a binoviewer in my dob.
  14. Moonshane, a quick question for you, in a mirror cleaning topic a while back, you mentioned your mirror was not spotless. As a little experiment I put the dust cover on and took the little cover off while I looked at the moon. It was a lot dimmer as to be expected but it also showed up all the fluff and dust on my primary, is this normal?
  15. I think I must have been looking in the wrong place so will have another go next chance I get. Which mag would be better, 96x, 120x or 210x? These are the only mags I can do.
  16. Thnx guys, I had skEye but it wasn't listed on there so was using astro tools to get the coordinates, I probably didn't set it up right. Just bought skEye pro do hopefully I'll have more luck next time out, although last night will take some beating, it was fantastically clear here.
  17. Jupiter was just a white blob for me last night until around 2am.
  18. I know the sky around Oldham is bad but should the blue snowball still be visible in a 10" dob? I failed miserably in the 4 hours I was out last night although I found many more beautiful objects.
  19. Clear here too but not a hint of dew, scope is still dry after 4 hours.
  20. Oops, it would help if I uploaded the pic. Just held the phone to the ep
  21. If you are not in a hurry, you can keep your eyes open for something second hand. only recently a 10" dobsonian went for £250 on Ebay and for that price the power and performance of a 10" mirror is phenomenal. I bought one similar and although the mirror was a little dusty its in perfect condition. If you're buying new, for under £300 then a 200p cannot be beaten IMO. I think lunar and some planetary photography can be done with a dob, here is a pic I took of the moon
  22. Was out last night with my 11 year old daughter, armed with syEye on my phone and a red torch I sat in the garden chair and watched while she searched skEye for objects and then lined up the dob using the setting circles and wixey. She had a few misses but managed to locate plenty of objects on her own. by the time the moon was up, she was nudging the dob to keep it in the fov. Packed Her off to bed around midnight then stayed up for Jupiter but some mist rolled in and spoiled the viewing.
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