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  1. Does the 1.25" eyepiece holder unscrew? If so you could try that, its what I do on the dob, and can achieve focus with the 1.6x corrector.
  2. Had a good few hours but everything was full of dew.
  3. i decided to move my primary mirror further up the tube on my 250px so my binoviewers could achieve focus without the 1.6x corrector or a barlow. This method could also be used to achieve focus with a camera. With help from the brother-in-law who is an engineer i removed the old collimation bolts, these were stuck in using epoxy or screwlock, they were so stuck we had to drill them out and re-tap the holes, i then used some m6 countersunk head bolts 100mm long, some m6 penny washers and some m6 lock nuts, i also bought some new springs but these were not used as they were too narrow, the sprin
  4. Most of my time is spent between beginners, the lounge and diy astronomer.
  5. If you are in the north west the cloud and rain are something you will have to get used to, its a well known fact that king Neptune and poseidon both have holiday homes in the area.
  6. I asked him that, said it was bigger, brighter and had a glowing tail. I guess with the bad weather nobody else saw it.
  7. Brother in law just rung me, he said he'd seen a glowing object worth a bit of a tail travelling west to east over Oldham. I told him it maybe a fireball as I'd seen something similar quite recently, but when I had put the phone down I went outside but its 100% cloud cover and chucking it down. Any ideas what it could have been?
  8. I might have to give it a go, I need to get them out.
  9. Well I've hit a snag, the collimating screws are epoxied in the back of the primary cell and I don't think there's any chance of me getting them out, if I try to unscrew them anymore I think I will end up threading the Philips head and then I'd be in big trouble, the collimating screws are only 35mm long so are pretty much useless for moving the primary up the tube, I'm back to square one fit the time being.
  10. £800, that's a serious amount of money and will get you a super scope. My suggestion would be a 10" dob, either solid tube or flex tube, look for a second hand one it will save a fair some of money. You could get a solid 10" skyliner for between £250 and £350 second hand, for the price this is a phenomenal scope, this will leave you plenty of money left for some upgrades/eyepieces. Once you decide to stray away from the moon and planets, this scope will also give some incredible views of dso's.
  11. You cannot beat the simplicity of a dob for set-up and go.
  12. If I can find some that are suitable I will let you know.
  13. I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but I feel quite confident of doing this now thanks to you guys. I'm really thankful for all your help.
  14. So if I can get an m6 countersunk headed screw, what size would you reckon to move the primary up , 60mm or a bit longer?
  15. That's a great help thnx. I think I have a good idea what I'm doing now, might have a trip to b&q to see if I can rustle something up.
  16. I think I've totally misunderstood the whole thing, for some reason I thought that the collimation screws actually screwed into the back of the primary mirror, and had visions of the primary bouncing out of the cell when I took the screws out, I feel such a fool now. So in theory it should be quite easy to remove the primary and store it safely while I faff about with the cell and new springs. Many thanks for your advice, God knows what I'd be like if I didn't have sgl.
  17. As you can see,I think I've gone as far up as I can with the original screws and springs
  18. I know! Took it out of the ota last night to get a feel of the thing, was very surprised how heavy it was. So its it possible to replace the springs and screws without taking the mirror out of the cell? I am hoping to raise the mirror up by about an inch to enable the binoviewers to focus without the 1.6x corrector, I just cannot find the funds for a low profile focusser.
  19. Gonna replace the springs and collimating screws on the 250px, what's the correct procedure for removing the mirror from the cell? I thought of this but not sure if its correct 1, remove the screws holding cell to the ota. 2, undo/ remove the clips holding the mirror in the cell. 3, undo the collimating/ locking screws and lift out the mirror. Is this the correct way or do I have it mixed up?
  20. I am looking to replace my collimation screws on my 250px for some longer ones, anyone point me in the right direction? I don't even know what size thread they are and if I did manage to find some, do I have to smooth the ends so they don't damage the mirror? I also presume I would have to find some bigger, stronger springs too. Any help our advice would be greatly appreciated.
  21. http://twitter.com/RossWebster_/status/249269374119182336/photo/1
  22. Amazing meteor or something,10.55pm travelling nw. Omg still can't believe what I just saw.
  23. Looking at BBC weather, it should clear up tonight from 11pm onwards, hope all us north westerners can finally get some scope time, the weather in greater Manchester has been horrendous lately.
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