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  1. Over £19,000, did I read this correctly? OMG, I bet the box it comes in is worth more than my scope.
  2. I really feel for you guys that have all the technical stuff to set up before you can do any observing/imaging. I don't think I'd have the patience to keep doing it over and over only to be thwarted by the clouds.
  3. Had from 9pm until now, great night so far, come in for a warm and some kip and set my alarm for 5 am hoping to get m42, Venus and the beehive. Hope its still clear.
  4. The double cluster also looks fantastic, all this is down to you Shane, can't thank you enough.
  5. I am delighted with the extra fov I get now without having to use a Barlow or the binoviewers 1.6x nosepiece, here's two pics of the moon showing you what I mean.
  6. Looked out around 11pm, saw what looked like four or five parallel beams of light all the way from east to west, think it was either aircraft chemtrails or very high cloud, it looked really cool though, even the missus was impressed.
  7. For anyone interested, revelation now sell an adapter similar to the Antares and Orion self-centering eyepiece adapters, only it costs a lot less at £19.99 http://www.telescopehouse.com/acatalog/Revelation-Self-Center-adapter-1.25-.html
  8. Winds not "wings" ( I so miss the edit button )
  9. Was clear here in Oldham last night but it was too windy, there were leaves blowing around like little missiles, I could imagine all sorts of Rubbish being blown into the dobs tube, forecast is clear again tonight but the wings are supposed to ease off a little so fingers crossed.
  10. Also the tube of the dob played havoc with the magnetometer in the phone. 12" dob, setting circle,wixey = dream combination, you will be surprised how accurate this set up can be.
  11. I tried it with skEye on my Android phone, it wasn't accurate enough to be used as a Pushto. If you have a dob then a setting circle and inclinometer is the way to go.
  12. I am ok in the back garden, but we have a gated alleyway at the back, shielded from any lights, I'd love to set up there but its a bit too spooky.
  13. Awesome scope, you're gonna love it. Mine lives under the stairs in the kitchen.
  14. Aren't we supposed to get hit by Nibiru on the 21st of December?
  15. Another way of getting barred, just tell the missus how much the scope cost.
  16. Can you not use polaris to find north instead of your phone?
  17. I know, you get more pleasure out of a hobby.
  18. Looked outside about 1 am this morning, no cloud whatsoever, Jupiter, m45 were looking wonderful. I decided against setting up the dob, but today I feel guilty for not going out. The forecast is looking good again for tonight so I'll make up for it bit if out was cloudy and the forecast for the rest of the week was the same, I would feel terrible having missed the chance last night. Am I sad for feeling guilty for not going out when it was so clear?
  19. Here's what I do ( credit to knobby, thnx m8! ) get polaris in ep, find polaris coordinates on skEye, yesterday it was 53.9 degrees alt. Put wixey on ota and turn on, wixey was 53.6 so I zero wixey then lower ota so wixey reads -53.9, then I zero wixey again. Now when I raise ota to 53.9 polaris is in ep and now the wixey is synched to skEye. Everything I searched for last night was pretty much bang on.
  20. Jupiter at that time its too low, been viewing it from about 12am until now (1.30am) and it looks fantastic, had a look earlier and it was just a fuzzy blob like you said. pushed the mag up to around 240x, could have gone a bit further. Oldham is quite high up so maybe the seeing here was a lot better than other places.
  21. I think you can still see the skyglow from Manchester at the bottom left corner of the pic.
  22. If the price for the 250px is too good to refuse, I think you should go for it. Any increase in aperture its worth it and if you are getting it for a bargain then even better.
  23. Don't forget to post some piccies.
  24. I'm not sure, but do posts in the lounge count? In sure I read somewhere that they don't.
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