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  1. hello, when trying to find longitude latitude, i get this = Latitude and Longitude: 53°31'36" N, 2°7'43" W or in decimal: 53.52662, -2.12862 which of these do i input into stellarium to get my correct position? thanks in advance.
  2. I only have the barlow that came with the scope, might look into getting a tal barlow.
  3. Am enjoying this scope more and more each time i use it, i also know i won't get the dreaded appeture fever as has been widely reported, have already had a 8"dob, sorry to say i wasn't a nudger!
  4. Thnx for the replies guys, am now wondering which set of eyepieces to buy next, might try my luck with a pair of 30mm or two 9 or 10 mm. the success i had with the skywatcher 25mm proves that they dont have to be an expensive eyepiece. Am now in the process of coming up with some makeshift latitude settings to go on the mount like the dob users have made, coupled with the latitude markings already on the mount, hopefully i can make a little diy goto set-up.
  5. Hello all, i bought the revelation binoviewer package deal from telescope house, came with 2 x wide angle 15mm eyepieces and an aluminium case for the bino. Paired this up with a skymax 127 autotracking scope. Friday 29th saw the weather in oldham clear so set up in the yard hoping for a good 1-2 hour session After lining up on jupiter, i popped in the binoviewer and after a little re-focusing of the binos, jupiter merged into a single image, it was like looking at something totally different than it did using one eye, if i was to be critical, i would say one side is a teeny bit dimmer than th
  6. FAO timbo, i have a mak127 autotracking, have never had a problem with the mount being flimsy at all, first one i had was dodgy and got replaced. i also use some revelation binoviewers which weigh 500 grams without eyepieces so the mount is very capable. I usually put a housebrick on the accessory tray too, this adds to the sturdyness jupiter through 127 and the revelation bino`s is awesome.
  7. hi m8, although i don`t have the goto mount , i have just got the supatrak version, when slewing in slow motion, az was fine, but alt just went round as if it was on fast slew, also, when i set the scope up, and set my latitude, then i press 1 and 2 for tracking, the scope just wet round in alt, quickly. took it back to the shop and the guy said it was a fault and replaced the mount, maybe a related problem i don`t know.
  8. hi, just got a mak127 supatrak, i am trying to set up the mount for tracking but i am doing something wrong, the way i see it is i point it north and adjust the scope until the latitude reads 0, then unplug/turn off, then, i slew the scope to my local latitude, which is 53.526 and then press guide and slow in combination, the manual says that when tracking is activated one of the buttons will flash, which it does, but my scope just moves in a vertical movement, it is moving much too quickly to be tracking anything, it moves at a speed similar to fast slewing, please help, what am i doing wrong
  9. dunsob bridge, clitheroe, now this could be interesting, thnx hunter.
  10. thnx for the link m8, it doesn`t look too impressive around our neck of the woods does it?
  11. hello guys, how far out of oldham will i have to go for reasonable dark skies? was thinking somewhere over t`pennines, but will this be ok as being slap bang in the middle of lancashire and yorkshire?, thnx.
  12. anyone know if this is possibe? will it just be plug and play or do i need extra accessories? thnx.
  13. sry for asking, but is this image what i would see if i got the 130p? i have seen jupiter through an 8" dob and it looked very similar to your pic, what sort of EP would i have to use to get it looking like this visually? many thanks.
  14. hi guys,up until recently i had a 200p dob but due to needing urgent funds i reluctanty had to sell, i was never really a nudging type of person anyway, so this leads me to the following question, i have narrowed a choice of 2 scopes down, skymax 127 or a 130p, looking for tracking on this ,am a bit concerned about reports saying the 130 hits the mount at above 80 degrees, also, i want to study the planets in more detail so does this mean the 127 is the clear winner? has anyone tried the antares 0.5 focal reducer in a mak as this would be for purely visual use to widen the field. For the same
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