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  1. Will do, just looking for something cheap and cheerful to use in the binoviewer.
  2. Seen the sw super plossls on flo for twenty quid, I'm unsure if I should buy 2 for forty quid or 2 vixens for 60.
  3. After a bit of advise please, would it be better to spend an extra tenner and get a vixen plossl rather than a skywatcher super plossl?
  4. Anyone know if it takes 2" ep's?
  5. Dust lanes? As in m31? It will all depend on how dark your skies are. From where I am, using a 10" dob, all I see is a little smudge. The darker the sky, the better it will be, I could use a £500 televue eyepiece and I would still only see a little grey smudge.
  6. What about the vixen plossls from FLO? I think they make a 6mm and 8mm, they get some great reviews and are a little bit cheaper than the bst's.
  7. If your scope can take 2" ep's I'd recommend something like a 32mm, like a skywatcher panaview, or even a 30mm skywatcher aero if funds allow, you will get some great widefield views with these.
  8. Thanks for the info. IIRC the aperture of the bv is about 23mm so hopefully there will be hardly any vignetting with the vixen plossls. Should give me a nice wide fov in the binos.
  9. Congrats on your new scope, its good enough to last a lifetime.
  10. Has anybody used something around 30mm in a binoviewer? Was looking at the vixen plossls but I don't want to waste my money if they will vignette badly. I've heard of people using televue 32mm plossls with great success so I'm hoping that 30mm plossls will be ok.
  11. Could you fasten a car door to the side of it? On warm nights you could wind the window down.
  12. Hope you get it sorted, sry for the primary nonsense.
  13. Forgive me if this has already been tried or is I stupid suggestion, but could the primary mirror clips be at fault? Could a small mask be made to hide the primary clips to see if that could be the problem? I think I read a post from 2011 about the primary clips causing strange diffraction spikes.
  14. Just seen the price of the Meade, that's a lot of money for a 6" aperture telescope. If you are only using the telescope for visual observing I suggest you look elsewhere and save some money.
  15. This is just my personal opinion but I think the prodigy series of telescopes are way overpriced. Me and my 11 year old daughter have great fun just using a manual telescope without any electrics involved. For the price you pay for a prodigy telescope you could buy something far, far more powerful.
  16. As cost is the main issue for me, I could get 2 zooms for under £100 but, at around £30 I would only be able to get 2 plossls. I am still unsure as to what high mags will be best in the bv and 250px, so using the zooms I can at least find out what mags will be best, then I can save up and get 2 plossls based on my findings with the zooms.
  17. I don't know wether to get 2 of these for my bv or save a bit longer and get 2 made zooms.
  18. rowan46 got it spot on, 6" dobsonian, so easy to use, your son will be slewing the scope all round the sky and it will give some superb views.
  19. There's a few pics I took in this thread You can see the light spill is far less on the new lights.
  20. P.s one side of our street still has a few yellows, I took a pic to compare, I will see if I can find it.
  21. We are in the second year of a five year plan to replace 20,000 streetlights in Oldham and Rochdale. The new lights are really bright to look at, but if you observe from somewhere that's not in the glare of the new lights then the sky does seem darker. I can see one new light from my garden so I've made a shield to block it out, after I have got my eyes dark adapted, there's far more stars visible than there used to be when every light was yellow sodium.
  22. I would stay clear, blue coated lenses don't sound to good tbh.
  23. +1 Its as easy JJJJ says, I did it when I flocked the draw tube.
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