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  1. I have never used a star chart, just my tablet and mainly my mobile phone with skEye app.
  2. http://www.devitrianto.com/2012/04/30/stellarium-mobile-for-android-1-0-2-v1-0-2-apk-android/ I downloaded this for my archos tablet, it works ok but like has been said, isn't as good as the desktop version.
  3. Hi Auspom, here is a link to astronomyshed video on YouTube which shows how its done. You will need 2 free software programs, sharpcap and mir-de-collimation, the download links for both are provided in the video. Hope this is of help. if the link above doesn't work, try this one
  4. It was only a cheap revelation ep, maybe a premium ep would have been a lot better.
  5. I had a 2", 42mm 70 degree ep when I had the 8" dob, which supposedly gave a 2.45 degree tfov, yet I couldn't fit m45 in the ep. I never could figure out why.
  6. Fwiw I can get roughly 1.1 degrees fov in my binoviewer and 10" newt, I moved the primary mirror so now I don't need the 1.6x corrector or a Barlow. Once you have viewed the moon, Jupiter,m42, the double cluster in a pair of bv's, there is no going back.
  7. Looking for some advice on a new ep, should I get a 15mm plossl which I can Barlow down to 9.3mm or a 12mm plossl which barlows to 7.5mm? The eye relief will be shorter on the 12mm so do you think I'd be better off with the 15mm? Many people say they use 2 15mm TV plossls in a bv with great results. ATM I only have 20mm ep's.
  8. I'm gonna leave it alone and I'm gonna concentrate on the far more serious issue of how to afford some new ep's. Many thanks for the advice.
  9. I use a webcam and that mir di collimation thingy to get the secondary set up.
  10. Now you mention it, I'm not 100% sure I had polaris dead centre. One thing I did do was cut the little crosshairs out of the Cheshire, I always thought they were more of a hindrance than a help.
  11. Yes Shane, just a few mm either side of focus. I will take out the primary and check the centre spot is exact, I will also somehow check the squareness of the focusser. I bought an adapter that screws onto the drawtube, then I bought a self centering 1.25mm ep holder so I hope its either the centre spot or the unsquare focusser that's causing the issue. The thing is, when I was viewing Jupiter tonight it looked magnificent, really crisp with loads of detail, so do you think its worth tinkering about with the mirror and focusser or should I leave well alone?
  12. I thought I had collimation down to a fine art but now I'm not sure. I use a Cheshire and it looks bang on, but tonight I centred polaris in the ep and racked out the focusser. I got a perfect circle as I thought it should be but the black circle in the middle wasn't centred, it was slightly toward the 11 o'clock position, so I moved the focusser all the way in and again got a perfect circle but this time the black circle was slightly toward the 5 o'clock position. I put the Cheshire in and as usual it looked perfect, what's the deal here? I'm confused.
  13. Plus I have to factor in weight, I would imagine 2 ep's like nirvanas or panoptics would be too much and cause serious balancing issues.
  14. I think 32mm ep's would vignette too much, but I read somewhere that the 30mm vixens work fine in bv's and would give 1.3 degrees fov, but at £70 it would be wasted as I get 1.1 degrees with the 20mm.
  15. They are the WO 66 degree ep's, the 30mm I was looking at were the vixens. Now that I don't need the 1.6x corrector or a Barlow lens on the binoviewer, I was trying to achieve the biggest possible fov.
  16. If you have a webcam you can use it to get your secondary perfectly aligned.
  17. Can someone please tell me the difference in fov I will get using a 20mm 66 degree ep and a 30mm 52 degree ep? if my calculations are correct I should get 1.1 degrees and 1.3 degrees using the above ep's in a 1200mm 250px, but I'm not 100% sure. Will an extra 0.2 degrees be noticable or not worth the bother?
  18. I had a 200p which I could move from the kitchen to the garden easily in one piece, now I have a 250px I have to seperate it. I can move it in one piece around the kitchen but getting out out and up the steps is a bit to much for me, also the bases are the same diameter so it just fits through the door under the stairs where its stored. 10" dob is the limit of what is practical to me, if you have somewhere to store it and don't mind splitting it in two to get it set up, then bide your time and get the 300p.
  19. Another possibility is soaking in distilled water as mentioned above, then pouring the ep in a bowl of dried rice, this should soak up all the moisture. It quirked when I dropped my phone in the bath.
  20. I think I have come up with a slight problem, if I get 2 high power plossls, say 6mm-8mm, then I think I might have a problem viewing through the pinholes, using 1 ep would be ok but I think getting an object in view using them in the bv would be a pain. Now considering using 2 bst explorers from Alan at STL. Any thoughts on this? Would it work?
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