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    This is the latest version. I downloaded a trial copy of Pixinsight and used DBE to remove the background gradient. I also cropped it a bit. Cheers Colin
  2. ColB


    Thanks for the positive feedback guys And thanks for the suggestions for getting rid of the colour gradient, I'll definately look into those. Colin
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    Hi This is my first attempt at LRGB and first fime guided, so even though it doesn't come close to most of what you see on this site, I'm pretty chuffed with the result. Rolling cloud messed up most of the subs so in the end used 5xL, 3xR, 4xG and 3xB, all 5 minute. Cheers Colin
  4. Most intelligent people accept that we don't know everything, and that all theories are subject to change. We've known that for a while.
  5. Mmm beer Cheers Rich let's hope for clear skies!
  6. Did you try swapping the wheel around - so that what would normally be the camera side is attached to the scope? It does mean that the knob used to turn the wheel is at the back but I have found this works with Baader filters. EDIT: Just noticed you are trying to use 2 filters, I doubt my suggestion would work.
  7. Just got confirmation I'm booked in for all 5 days. I was up at Kielder a couple of weeks ago mountain biking, only had a pair of bins with me but the sky was very impressive.
  8. Nice, very interesting keep us posted how you get on!
  9. ColB

    A Change

    Hi and welcome to SGL.
  10. The answer is 23 million years. Yes Light Year is a distance - the distance light travels in a year. So it takes one year for light to travel 1 LY, and 23 million years for light to travel 23m LY. You could say the Sun is 8 light minutes away in distance because it takes light 8 minutes to travel from the Sun to us.
  11. I'm not sure what you mean, surely the light took 23m years or am I missing the point of your question?
  12. Yeah they have a couple of windows tomorrow so hopefully more luck then.
  13. Nice one - got me watching it too!
  14. You need to ensure that when it is parked (via the handset) that the counterweights are pointing down with the scope pointing north - if it's not in this position loosen the clutches and set it so before doing the alignment.
  15. You need to ensure it is parked correctly before doing the allignment - make sure the mount thinks it is parked and that it is pointed north.
  16. When I was a student, me and my mate would get 'Slowly, but throughly, drunk'. You just reminded me of that, thank you
  17. Thanks' Tom, it was about 30 minutes worth of 30 second subs, with the camera self guiding. Really just experimenting as imaging is quite new to me, but yes you are right, I should have cropped it, attention to detail is the key!
  18. That's a very good question. Scientifically a cluster would contain stars of a similar age that are gravitationally bound, siblings so to speak. But how you identify that from a random group of stars I don't know. I saw M39 for the first time tonight and it looked nothing out of the ordinary to me, maybe I need a bigger scope or darker skies ....
  19. This is my M13 from this morning.
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