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  1. ohh, that makes sense, cheers
  2. Just curious, are there any specific benefits of observing the sun using a PST rather than attaching a decent Ha filter to a regular scope? Are they designed to dissipate heat more efficiently, or something along those lines?
  3. Interesting, it was nice that the article linked directly to the papers for once! This must make life very difficult for alternate cosmology models, as photon energy loss clearly can't account for these observations
  4. An absolute delight! great fun to get an idea of the scale of things. The one that always gets me is the emptiness within an atom. However, there were one or two things i feel i need to point out... Pedant mode activated! Preons are entirely hypothetical, and in fact there are good theoretical and observational reasons to believe they do not exist, he probably should have mentioned that. The observable universe is larger than 14 billion light years! although it seems against common sense that we could be seeing things that are farther away than the speed of light times the age of the universe, we in fact can, due to the expansion of the intervening space. The actual figure is about 45 billion light years in any direction. As for the actual size of the universe... i don't think anyone has any idea. i'm not so sure about it being infinite, but i'd hardly be surprised if it turned out that our observable universe was but an atom to the entire thing...
  5. I was not aware of that point about time dilation, that is particularly fascinating! Feynmann is always a pleasure, the way he thinks is wonderful
  6. Hi, I'm hoping to get a dslr over the summer and have a go at some deep sky astrophotography. I'm thinking with my scope a coma corrector might be necessary. Has anyone got any experience on using a coma corrector with a 200p, is it required kit if i want to get into deepsky? And would i notice much visual improvement if i left it on when not imaging? Also, is there a significant difference between the specific brands, i know skywatcher do their own one, might this be more 'optimized' for the specific aberrations in a 200p? Cheers, Tom
  7. Yeah, I agree that a healthy degree of skepticism is a useful trait. Dissent is the way forwards! I've not seen any recent papers on alternative cosmologies.
  8. I'm not actually aware of any of Arps observations that has not since been disproven or can be shown to be incorrect. More recent galaxy surveys don't show any statistically significant correlation between quasars and radio galaxies. Hubble has actually since managed to resolve quasars, and they are clearly distant active galaxies. The Quasars 'in front' of nearby galaxies are visible because galaxies are not solid objects, and show absorption spectra consistent with being seen through a galaxy. Photon decay would be very surprising, and would completely overhaul most of our physics, not to mention being completely unable to explain the observed acceleration of the universe, or the CMB, or the cosmic abundances of elements, or all the other things Big bang cosmology does so well. I'd be happy to discuss any other observations.
  9. it was with my webcam. Best 300 or so frames stacked out of 1200. I've seen it done with a dslr, but the result suffers due to the large pixels and the inability to capture several hundred frames to try and limit the seeing effects.
  10. thanks for the feedback, here's a slightly enlarged version - some sort of odd processing artefacts around it? i can probably just snip that out...
  11. Really pleased with the colour balance on this one, i feel it's more natural looking than my last attempt
  12. The youtube user thunderf00t (whose channel i can very much recommend) has entered the youtube nextup competition, and reached the semifinal. Please watch the submission of his plan to co-ordinate groups around the globe to record a 24 hour film of Jupiter's rotation, he is very eloquent. you're allowed to vote once a day until the 8th, lets make this a reality! YouTube - creators's Channel
  13. M13 has always been one of my favourites, love the way it pops out at you with averted vision!
  14. what Ags sounded reasonable, so i went to the moon in Celestia to test it - yep, it is possible, over the course of a day or two, provided you're in the right location. it would be quite a sight
  15. Gravity is the dominant force because it is additive over long distances, whereas electric forces, whilst stronger, have both positive and negative components which tend to cancel out on the large scale. The electric universe theory has no real supporting evidence, and in fact has some serious flaws. For example, if electric/magnetic currents in the solar system are powerful enough to power the sun you would expect these fields to be easily detectable (they are not) and the electrically charged particles streaming away from the sun to behave very differently than they are observed to. Furthermore, there are observations of the sun that can only be answered through our knowledge of nuclear physics, for example, solar neutrinos. our models of the sun and of other stars are remarkable detailed and accurate and have a lot of testable, predictive power, electric universe makes no useful, testable claims that oppose the 'gravitational orthodoxy'. I'm nearing the end of my third year of a physics and astrophysics degree, so i've encountered these problems in detail! if you have any specific queries i'd be happy to try and address them
  16. That turned out really nicely, i like the way the colours of the different stars come out
  17. Saturn really is a Jewel. Just had my first decent look at it through the 200p last night, and it is truly stunning! Couldn't resist having a go at imaging it with the spc880 tonight, and i managed to snap one off before the clouds rolled in! I'm quite pleased that the Cassini division came through, as i think i saw them naked eye, and this sort of backs that up!
  18. That's a first you can really be proud of, congrats!
  19. I'm pretty sure you're meant to lock the clamps to use the motors! don't sweat it, i'm sure no harm was done, my mate had a similar worry over his mount and it turned out fine.
  20. i see 10" has overtaken 8", can't say i was expecting that!
  21. Interesting so far, i expected 8" to have a decent lead, but i'm surprised by the low numbers for 4", 5" and 6". Where are all the refractors?
  22. Just wondered what the average aperture was in our little community! First time making a poll, so it's probably all wrong... Select the size of your primary visual scope, rounding where necessary.
  23. I find that learning to navigate the sky is a all part of the fun
  24. i cannot vouch for the 200p enough, a superb piece of kit for the price!
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