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  1. Still for sale guys dropping to 150 to get a quick sale as moving house soon
  2. brand new still in vacuum foil dmk 21 camera brought as a present by my partner £185
  3. skywatcher 8 inch goto dob imagining source dmk31 camera 50mm?190mmfl guidescope and a converted webcam for guiding (crappy lenses taken out) will this work as a very basic set up to get images of the planets ??? I'm never going to have the money for big eq mounts etc just want to show g/f and daughter images
  4. I've got in the post comming a imaging source 21 colour and a imaging source 31 b@w cameras I'm going to be using a 8 inch goto dob f6 which capture software would be beat the one from imaging source or PhD
  5. from the pic you sent there is allen key grub screws in the loosnen the center bolt and the grub screws will be able to move
  6. Yeah that company J. They use the same feet from the halo setting circles to make 3 separate feet with mounting plates for dobsonian or they did do
  7. Optcorp sold a set of levelling feet for dobsonian telescopes I've recently been on there site and can't find them, does anyone know do they still sell them anymore?
  8. havent had a proper nights viewing there but from what I can see on the darksky maps and viewing with my eyes once its gonna be miles better than where I live in south kirkby also its only a 15min ride away
  9. Found a place near little Smeaton if anyone's interested s little nature reserve only room for about 10 cars thou
  10. Well actually saw the eclipse at work and my make shift solar viewer was ok not brilliant, feel sorry for my daughter as her school was ill prepared and wouldn't let them see it
  11. id ihave a look at the scope first as the collimation on these scopes are basically Rubbish brought one for my daughter from aldi the national geographic one theres no adjustment on the main mirror which sits in a plastic lid and held in place by a plastic ring and the secondary is way out
  12. had another look at the eyepieces 4 in total and they've got some sort of grease on them that maybe reflecting light inside the lens as its shiny anodized black
  13. has anyone had problems with the 5mm hyperion eyepiece mine seems to be less contrasty maybe light scatter compared to my 6mm tmb planetary eyepiece
  14. last night i did a quick test of my 5mm hyperion 2 eyepiece that I got in kit when I brought the scope from green witch tried it on my big scope and my daughters little one, the other week at overton I used the lens for the first and thought it made the image blurry was quite a good night then so should have been sharper , since then ive brought a 6mm tmb planetary 2 eyepiece so the test was on the tmb eyepiece was brilliant sharp contrasty but the hyperion was like meh blurry as thou looking through a pair of glasses with finger prints on checked the lens and theres no indication of any marks etc on it the hyperion wasmore than twice the price of the tmb think lee will be getting a email see what can be done
  15. well ill be hard at work in pindersfield so might have to play truant about mid eclipse
  16. nick ever thought about strapping the 12" to the seats in the caravan ?
  17. Vicky what you using to level up your 8se as I had the 6se and found using a 6 inch steel spirit level on the leg base miles better than the mini bubble they give you :0
  18. well after setting up last night I went straight onto fuzzies and star collections blobs best way to describe them as the street light in my back garden totally ruins it for me hard to see mizar somedays its that bad also draw a line north to south and everything to the east is what I can observe so not the best here goes what I looked at m48 m81/82 ngc2420 2331 2260 beehive then tested new 6mm eyepiece on Jupiter
  19. well got out for a hour or so before medical reasons forced me back indoors
  20. Vicky I use to have the dmk for imaging with my mn150n was a good little camera got several of jupiters belts with it
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