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  1. I spotted a break in the clouds this evening and got a fer shots of the Moon with Jupiter above it. Maybe not the best I've ever done but not bad for a quick attach of the DSLR to a tripod with a 70-300mm zoom lens. The attached image is an under exposed Moon with an over exposed Jupiter on top to bring out Jupiters moons. Enjoy. Martin.
  2. Also added to the Stornoway AS website: http://www.stornowayastro.org/
  3. Don't forget Stargazing Live is coming up and that should bring in some interest. We've organised a couple of talks and equipment displays in association with the local library to coincide with SG Live over here.
  4. Good to hear it's got off to a great start. Keep up the good work.
  5. Yep, it's unguided at the moment, although I'm planning on using my Celestron 102 as a guide scope with a SPC900 attached to it. I just need to find the time to sort it all out and get it working with PHD. More data is required on this and I could extend the exposure time, I was about to start some 180 second exposures when the clouds started to roll in. I've had up to 4 minutes with the mount, although that was with the 102 on it which is smaller than the 100ED.
  6. Finally, a clear night when I was at home and not on nightshift! Chance to try out my Skywatcher Evostar 100ED-DS with flattener/reducer which were both acquired from members on here before the For Sale section closed. It took a bit of time to get things set up as I had to get the balance right with the new scope and DSLR on the mount, but with that sorted I though I'd start with M31 as M42 was still below the horizon. Sadly, I only managed 10 x 120 second exposures (un-guided) before high level cloud started to effect the seeing and then thick cloud covered the lot and put an end to the evening. So I shot some darks and then packed up and went in for processing. Of the 10 exposures I had to ditch 3 as one was polluted by a cars headlights and two had movement during the exposure. So I ended up using just 7 subs and 4 darks. Overall I'm quite pleased with the results, given the small number of subs, and it shows that a lot more is available when I get the time and clear skies. Techy bits: Scope: Skywatcher Evostar 100ED-DS with 0.85 focal reducer. Mount: Skywatcher EQ5 Camera: Canon EOS 400D (un-modded) Images: 7 x 120 second Subs + 4 x 120 second Darks Stacked in DSS and finished with Photoshop CS3 Thoughts and comments welcomed.
  7. I may be completely misunderstanding this as I've not had much time to play with CdC or EQMOD but; I had a similar problem connecting my EQ5 to CdC and the only way around it was to put the handset into PC Mode. If this was done first then CdC connected with no problems and I didn't have to fire up EQMod first.
  8. I've used two Numax deep cycle batteries in the past, one for starting and running a Landrover Discovery and the other for running the winch, inverter, offroad lighting and fridge in the back. Very good batteries for the price and I got mine from Tayna Batteries who do a good delivery service.
  9. Living on an island in the North Atlantic makes the weather far from small talk, it's the life blood of the island. Good weather brings the tourists and money. Bad weather stops the ferries = no food or tourists, the fishing fleets can't fish = no income and we get power cuts, floods and deaths. So people up here take the weather seriously and my own little weather website can triple the number of visitors in a day when there is bad weather up here, as we had last week.
  10. Thanks Peeps. Make sure you bring some photos back from Tromso Kev.
  11. It seems that this same "Scam" has been reported on SGL, not once but twice in the past. Once in November 2006: http://stargazerslounge.com/lounge/45269-rather-nasty-postal-scam.html And again in December 2009: http://stargazerslounge.com/lounge/92822-warning-parcel-delivery-scam.html Sure, it's a good reminder to be on your guard, not just in the run up to Chritsmas but all year round. All these emails and warnings do is establish a self spamming service and create extra calls to the likes of Royal Mail & others. Better advice would be to research the so-called Scam before emailing it on to your friends and family. One minute on Google could save hundreds of emails.
  12. Worth a read: Is this 0906 661 1911 number to call for an undelivered parcel a scam? | Mail Online And another on CrimeStoppers: http://www.crimestoppers-uk.org/fraud/types-of-fraud/common-scams/postal-scam-email-from-parcel-delivery-service-65455465
  13. The Astronomy Shed videos are very good watching, I think there's 7 parts to the setup. astronomyshed's Channel - YouTube The first star may be a little out of the FOV and you can either use the handset to bring it in, or unlock the clutches and manually move the mount to the correct position. But have a watch through the videos and they helped me understand the process a lot better.
  14. Set the lens at 18mm and then use the autofocus on a distant street light or something until it's set, then turn off the autofocus. You should be able to get up to 30 second exposures with that, using a tripod & remote shutter switch, without the stars moving. If you zoom in then you'll need to re-focus and you'll have to reduce the exposure time.
  15. Here's the link to the pre-flashed SPC880 kit with adaptor and filter from Morgan Computers. Sharpcap is one piece of software that you can use to capture the video images, there's also wxAstroCapture and my preference, FireCapture. Then you need something to stack the images and for this there's RegiStax. Like everything else, there's a learning curve but follow some of the tutorials on here and soon gets easier. I finished the attached this morning after running the stacking process a second time and got a little more details out of the image. This is two images, one with the webcam settings so that I got the moons and Jupiter was just a white-out. The second was set to capture the detail on Jupiter. I then put both into Photoshop and replaced the white Jupiter with the detailed version.
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