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  1. Looking great, you have been busy!
  2. I've been taking images of M42 and stacking them without issue, last night I switched to NEF (Nikon D80) and took 4 frames, but when I import them into DSS the preview of each frame shows no colour at all, but the stars are there. When stacked there is some detail from the nebula but its all red! Has anyone seen anything like this before? The images are as expected on the camera preview, and in photoshop... should I process each image into a tiff before using DSS? Thanks for any guidance.
  3. But when I took an image without the mask on the focus seemed pretty good. I focused by eye, shot a few frames, then put the mask on to try it. Will have to try again, I may be mistaken. Would it make any difference if the mask was on the end of the dew shield? Does the mask need to be perfectly centred?
  4. Hi all, could use some advice on my Baht mask I'm having trouble with. From First Light Optics - StarSharp Bahtinov Focus Masks I bought the filter for a Startravel 102 f5 to use on my Celestron C102 Wideview (4"/102mm Achromatic Refractor - F5, 500mm Focal Length) But when I tried to use it, the target came out in the shape of the bahtinov mask... which was unexpected! I'd already focused fairly close by eye (using a DSLR, I was snapping the Orion Nebula). Any suggestions? Have I bought the wrong thing? Many thanks, -Matt
  5. Hi there, slight thread hijacking imminent! Has anyone found that the HDcam has rather jagged lines?
  6. Hi Robin, thanks for the advice, I will likely do the same! Sharpcap seems to be fine now, not sure what the problem was, I plugged the camera into a different USB port *shrug* Anyhoo, video capture is fine so I look forward to modding the cam and trying it out! Cheers! -Matt
  7. Hi there, I'm having a bit of an issue. I installed the software from MS for the Lifecam Cinema, then plugged in the device and it works fine in the MS Software. When I try to view it in Sharpcap I get a black preview and a "Error getting frame count information" message on the status bar. If I try to change the capture mode or resolution I get a second black preview appear in a seperate window and if I try to change it again the application crashes with an out of memory error. Have I done anything obviously wrong here? Thanks, -Matt Edit: What the.... it's suddenly showing a preview, but still complains about the frame count and still has a second preview window... will try recording.
  8. Those are excellent, it's so strange (and amazing) to see the sun this way
  9. This is really useful since I'm just starting down the same path Thanks for the tips! My only trouble when flashing the camera was that I forgot to have sharpcap previewing the image while I tried to same its firmware, had to crtl+alt+del and start over with a preview running. Great image by the way Well done!
  10. Were these all taken with the same settings? (duration for example)
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