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  1. the censored word isnt anything bad, it was actually another word for poo, beginning with C and ending in P! rhymes with RAP! lol cant believe that words censored hahahaha
  2. ok, i think its about time i distanced myself from AA batteries! every time i come to setup my scope, i set it up, align it, view 1 object then ****! batteries flat! lol its driving me bonkers!!!! ive already had to tape up the electrical connectors due to them being cheap n nasty and having a tendency to just switch off every 2 seconds (normally after youve spent half hour setting up and aligning it! anyone have any spare battery tanks going begging!? lol excuse the rant, i've just gone a setup nice n early only for the batteries to die after alignment grrrrrrr!!!!!! anyone else have this problem? think i need shares in duracel! scopes a skywatcher 127 synscan AZ goto. Dell
  3. evening Damian, just got back home after a little mad mission with my other half and daughter, took a drive down to the CC just for a nosey at how dark it is etc then headed through the lanes and upto a dark spot i found at two dales near matlock. had the scope in the back of the car as daughter wanted to see jupiter, managed about half an hour observing before the fog rolled in! so, whizzed back home hoping to get an hour in the garden before i fall asleep! lol cc looks great, nice skies. and well worth the 20 quid to use it i reckon. fingers crossed i'll be in a position to pay up and make the most of it soon thanks for the reply Dell
  4. just wondered if any of you lovely people were down at the cricket club site tonight? was planning on doing a dry run, to see how long it takes and the route etc but didnt wanna go near the site if people are there observing or imaging. anyone any ideas? Dell
  5. well metcheck is saying 17% cloud here but its actually thick fog out there! im beginning to see darker patches forming so ya never know, it may clear up slightly.
  6. well so far its not looking good in chesterfield area, cloud almost 100% cover, said to clear as the night goes on but i cant see that happening with how it looks right now, its getting thicker rather than thinning out, really disappointed! Dell
  7. Right, im currently out in the garden trying to grab some viewing time between clouds passing over. i've tried 3 times now to Align my scope (2 star alignment) and its never right! i line it up with the first star (in this case, Vega) and centre it, then it slew's to the second star (capella) and its way out, so i slew to the correct alignment and centre the star - Alignment successful. great, so i select jupiter (as a tester) on the handset and select view object, it slews round and again, its way out! what am i doing wrong? ive recently fixed the telescope after a capacitor blew on one of the PCB's and it was out of action for 6 months. but i remember having the same problem whenever i tried to align it before. could it be the Synscan software out of date maybe? although the scopes not much over a year old and i updated the firmware not so long ago. im new to all this so its hard for me to figure out. any help would be awesome. or anyone near chesterfield that wants to pop round and show us where were going wrong, ya more than welcome! lol thanks in advance Dell
  8. Steve - facebook group says 4-5th december 2010. so not quite missed it just yet
  9. just thought id fill u guys in. After 6 months of trying to get something out of OVL ive finally given in and bought a new PCB from Scopes N Skies (Thanks for the heads-up Great_Bear). £20 isnt a bad price thankfully! OVL have been near on USELESS! ive spoke to them numerous times over the phone, even spoke to the director personally but still no joy. according to them, they never recieved any emails (even when i emailed them while i was on the phone to them!!!!!) so, opted for a printed letter and photo's sent by snail mail and guess what, nothing! no aknowledgment what so ever, and when i try and ring i get no answer! so, for the sake of 20 quid ive given up and i gotta say, im so excited about getting my telescope up and running again, its been a long 6 months lol as for OVL, im not writing them off just yet, im putting it down to miscummunication at this time, but we will see thanks to everyone that offered advice. Dell
  10. well, tried this when i first joined the site but wasnt having none of it. just tried again and worked first time no bother nice little peg just south of chesterfield! Dell
  11. anyone know any good viewing spots near or around chesterfield/derbyshire area? somewhere very dark and away from towns
  12. spoke to ovl today, they asked me to email full details including pics and they'd see what can be done, fingers crossed they will sort it out. heres a couple of pics of the fault looks like a resistor or something, it "was" the same as the black cylindrical object next to the remains of the other one. Dell
  13. their website says they cant deal with enquiries from the general public!? "We are unable to respond to queries of a technical nature from the general public, please contact your nearest dealer/stockist for this assistance"
  14. ok, i havent yet paid my hands on the paper reciept but i have got the payment made to the company on my card statement. one problem, the telescope was bought from telescope planet which it appears has ceased trading!!!!! what the hell can i do?
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