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  1. The BrightStar/Orion OAG at under £100 comes to mind........ bern
  2. Not bad, glad you like it, Only took 5 working days to get to Norway, you were really looking forward to it bern
  3. I'm certainly interested in IMGOS but waiting for the hardware and software to mature. QHY are adding an ST4 port to the camera atm and I think all should ready in the next month or so. bern
  4. Sadly you're right, I just checked Although I think the holes are for ventilation rather than connection so maybe forced air cooling would work? bern
  5. No, but it's imposiible to see and difficult to hear so wait until its clear, then you'll know for sure. bern
  6. Well done Col Select "Mount" then "On Camera" to use the ST4 cable. Under "Tools" click on "Manual Guide" to test movement in RA and Dec. You should be able to hear the motors start or change pitch. Proof of the pudding is under the stars though Good luck! bern
  7. Hi Col, Latest driver/software set is either held or linked from here: www.astrosoft.be There's also instaltool (which uninstalls your old drivers) and a link to the latest ASCOM platform and updates. ASCOM needs to be installed and updated to use the the QHY cameras with 3rd party software like PHD. The older drivers and plugins (for those that prefer them) are still available from http://www.qhyccd.com/astrosoftbe.html Are you clicking on the circular arrow after the camera connects with PHD? And yes, use the QHY5 as a guider and your DSLR as the imager, that's a much better arrangement! bern
  8. That's because QGVideo32 is software for the QHY5v, it won't work with the QHY5. Guidedog doesn't support the QHY5, so definitely won't connect. Presently you can't run two QHY5 cameras, at the same time on the same PC, that need wasn't envisaged as it's not a deep sky camera. However that functionality may be added in the future. PHD is the guiding software recommended for the QHY5, can it connect to and show the output of a single camera? bern
  9. Hate to disagree Ken but I think it was just designed to be as thin as possible, though this certainly helps with a DSLR as it reduces the back focus requirement. There's no specific need to position the CCD 55mm behind the OAG. bern
  10. Peter, Any danger of me getting a few of these to try bern
  11. Hope you found our little chat helpful Richard? I've found that users either get it straight away or get their knickers in a twist I intend to write a short guide to getting started with an OAG - based on my customers experiences, will forward. bern PS. The key element with the TS OAG is that the light path difference between straight through and up is approx 26mm IIRC. Implement that, then do a daylight focus test on a distant object.
  12. Might be worth an enquiry to see what that really means......... bern
  13. But do they have them in stock bern
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