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  1. Thanks Robert will have a look tonight to see i can find them
  2. Doc i think you are right, it was more like a cloud but still look wicked. if the skys let me play i will be out tonight too
  3. Well tonight (13/08/10) I had clear sky's for the first time in day's, so i got my Skywatcher Exp 130 out and was hoping to see somr planets (as normal) but i really wanted to go deeper. So with my best friend (Stellarium) i went hunting for clusters and double star's, but i thought to try my scope and basic skills out and try my best to find 1 galaxy. I found 2 galaxys which was NGC6207 at 23.25hrs then Andromeda at 01.55hrs. So i am well happy with myself now i am thinking upgrading my scope to spme thing bigger. but that will be a different story. Well time for bed now John
  4. hi all. I sorry if the post has been asked before, But i am having problems with uploading my GPS to my Laptop via the USB Port 3 (?). I have put the programe (PL-2303 Driver Installer which came on the CD) on to my PC with allows my to access the port via the device manager. (this works fine because i tryed controlling my goto scope with it) Also I have all the correct cables for the GPS (50cm adapter cable, 80cm adapter cable and the USB to mini-din(F) cable). I have follwed the manual step by step but when i start the LSViewer, The GPS is not showing any information. I know the GPS works fi
  5. cheers guys for the help. The big problem was i was using a small EP's and high Mag from barlows, so i have gone with my 25mm EP and x2/3 barlows and spotted a lot more items.
  6. riklaunim well the mount came with the scope and i have not got a clue what it is, Sorry. brantuk lol cheers i would spend the 3k but i think the wife would kill me. but looking at web cams. rowan46 cheers i think i might go for the Neximage looked at a few web sites and it looks prity good and simple to use The one i have picked is the Celestron NexImage Solar System Imager for around 140 thanks to all for the help a\s soon as i get some pics i will post then asap
  7. At this moment i just want to target planets and moon and then dso I hace a Sky-watcher E 130 (5"), x 1.5,2 and 3 barlows eye pieces range from 4mm to 40mm but sadly no photography equipment. but not really fust on cost
  8. Hi all, I would like to know what kit do i need to see deep space objects like M31 and B33 ect.... I have a Sky-watcher E130 Goto number of eye pieces ranging from 4mm upto 40mm. and x1.5, x 2 and x 3 barlows (going to buy a x 4and 5 soon) But i just want toknow is my scope powerful to see the DSO? if not what items do i need to see them John
  9. Hi all, I am newish to astronomy, I know my way around the night skys now, seen most of our plantes and moons. But now i really want to start taking photo's of the wounderful things i seen, but i have not got a clue on taking photo's or what kit i need. John
  10. Well my first spot was Saturn. i was so happy to see her and ran into my house and dragged the wife outside to show her it too lol.
  11. J.Stowe

    Hello All!

    Hi quantumbit Welcome to the group and i hope you have good fun with your new toy. John
  12. Great kit list also if you can get one a set of NVG, and a portable radio/tv ect
  13. yea i know SkyHermit we was tollay robbed and the Germanys are giving us boys some stick for it But least we won in cricket lol
  14. Nermal good to hear there is fellow malvern boys in here lol. My family live in Madersfield village and use to goto Dyson Perrins CofE. But i can wait to return back to the UK and get up the hill and try my scope out lol And thanks for the extra welcomes to everyonje else.
  15. Thanks all for the warm welcome. hope to chat to everyone soon. John
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