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  1. Thanks for the advice - I'll try again this evening. The stragnge thing is I have been setting up using the same equip for the past 2 years and this problem has only just started. The mm/dd/yy seting are correct as is the long/lat however I have noticed that although I get the timezone 00+or- option I am no longet prompted for BST or GMT prior to choosing 1-3 star alignment. Once again the 3 star alignment is working perfectly - it is the following object alignment that is vastly out.
  2. Hello - I'm getting very frustrated! That last three nights I have set up I have successfully completed a 3-star alignment with my EQ6 mount but all subsequent targets are WAY out of the eyepiece - at least 8-10 degrees. I've reset to home position and started from scratch with the set-up but exactly that same thing has happened on the last three occasions. What am I doing wrong?
  3. This just about says it all. Litterally! http://micro.magnet.fsu.edu/primer/java/scienceopticsu/powersof10/ KevStar
  4. yeah - my collimating skills are a bit duff too! I have a lillte coma going on and just can't seem to get it pin point sharp
  5. The eq6 will come with a connection lead that will plug in to a cigarette lighter type connection on a standard powerpack.
  6. Hi There is a great power pack you can buy for about 25 quid from the discount supermarket ALDI. It will hold a charge for a good 8-10 hour session. Kev
  7. Cheers Mike, I'll give that a go. How are you getting on with your 250 and Eq6 by the way. I just about have mine sussed now but will definately benifit from all the knowledge at the Star Party! Kev
  8. Hi All Done the re-boot a number of times. Have tried CC's suggestion with K3CCD tools that I downloaded as freeware just now. Hover I am a newbie and don't have a clue what this program is doing. The front user interface is very confusing!
  9. Hi. I have just bought a modded Philips ToUcam pro (PCVC 840K/20). I tried installing it on my laptop which runs Windows2000 OS. I installed the VLounge components and followed instructions by connecting the webcam via my 2nd USB port. The red light comes on on the camera however I keep getting the error message that no I have 'no video capture hardware' installed. I have also tried disconnecting the USB and running VCheck from the tools menu and then reconnecting the camera via the USB port when prompted. When this is done nothing happens and the prompt window remains open (showing picture of USB being connected into back of PC). I have also tried doing all of the above after uninstalling from add/remove programs - reinstalling and connecting via the other USB port. I have also downloaded the driver software for my OS direct from Philips.com and tried all of the above again. No Luck! Any suggestions? Kev
  10. I was jsut following these instructions "To move the reticle, adjust the three small Allen screws (Fig.h-2) on the polar scope. Make small adjustments by moving only two of the screws at a time. Adjust the screws to move Polaris half the distance back to the center of the reticle. This is because Polaris started in the center of the reticle. By rotating the mount 180 degrees, Polaris moved exactly twice the distance between the center of the reticle and the center of rotation. The center of rotation lies midway between the center of the reticle and the new position of Polaris. Do not turn any of the set screws more than one quarter turn at a time or the reticle will disengage from the set screws. Do not tighten these screws too much or the stress will fracture the lenses in the polar scope." Having done it in the daytime agaist a distant obect I thought that I'd messed it up and tried it again in the dark. Now you have to admit that those are pretty damn small screws. Plus I was terrified of lense popping out or cracking. All newbie problems which I'm sure I'll iron out next time. I do feel like a bit of a plonker though!
  11. After an interminable wait for delivery ( no fault of Steve's, who's customer service and communication was first rate) I finally took delivery of my new scope and mount on Thursday 1st March. Greg had kindly offered to come round and help me set up the following night so, despite the fact that it was a brilliantly clear sky, with Saturn grazing the moon that night!, I curtailed my excitement and just ogled my new toys till lights out. Of course the next evening was raining cats and dogs so we were limited to balancing the scope (without success given the 2x5kg weights supplied) and taking a couple of pics of me standing next to The Beast. Saturday daytime was sunny and the outlook for the evening was good. I levelled the tripod and hefted the stupendously large mount into position. Following the instructions I performed the polar reticule alignment in daylight without OTA or counterweights. Darkness seemed an interminable age away. Twilight comes! On goes The Beast (and insufficient counterweights). There was loads of residual light that seemed to hang around for ages (Earthshine?). Eventually Polaris peaks out at about 8.30 and I am able to check my alignment. I'm massively out and decide I need to start all over again. Stupidly I didn't have any red light so everytime I had to find the piddly little allan key or the piddly little screws I had to turn the lights on and subsequently blind myself. Midway through my second attempt Wifey traipses up the hill with the chili and nachos (3-4 glasses of wine the merrier) and makes a nuisance of herself by interrupting my -admittedly equally inebriated - concentration. I'm too busy to bother with the scrummy scran which doesn't go down well with my wife. Eventally I pacify my darling by sitting down in summerhouse (candles burning out my retinas) with lovely meal and wine which I scoffed down in about two minutes. Back to the job in hand. Actually I may as well have had my jobbie in hand cos my polar aligning skills amounted to nought as i was about to find out with my attempted 3 star alignment. I may be a novice but I'm pretty sure Betelgeuse wasn't located straight overhead. I'd forgotten to lock the RA axis! Third time lucky and I managed to get Betelgeuse in the middle of the EP and then had a go at aligning the red dot finderscope. A few clicks here and there and I have it bang on but when I go back to the ep one of the biggest stars in the solar system has vanished. By this time the moon is getting on for a fiery red so I give up in exasperation and just watch the wonders of nature with me good old eyes ( + glasses for corrected vision and thank god the opticion at least knew what the hell he was doing. Greg called me next day to see how I got on and will be over with blue flashing lights next time we have a clear night.
  12. Welcome Dave Images on your site are inspiring to me as a newbie. Definitely someting I'd like to aspire to. I'll be picking your brains for tips and advice.
  13. Welcome to the forum Cloudgeezer Hopefully you will be asking the stupid questions before me! No - really, I've only just joined and got my first scope yesterday. First Light tonight provided we get some clear skies. What scope are you thinking of opting for? I'm sure the guys n gals here will be able to help you spend your money PDQ! Looking forwards to reading your posts.
  14. Mine arrived yesterday! Wanted to take some pics of me setting up for the first time but cheapo digi camera ran out of juice. The beast is now standing in my livingroom and the wife is sulking upstairs. I don't think Steve will be welcome round my house until the divorce papers come through!!
  15. KevStar


    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome I'm told the kit is on the truck so should have it in a few days. I will probably upload a few photos of me trying in vain to set it up - followed by a few more once Greg has come over with the flashing lights on his car! I read an equipment review (by I don't know who) on this forum a few days ago and I am slightly concerned that the 250 will not be balanced on the EQ6 with the counter weights provided. Should I be lining Steve pockets for an additional counterweight now or just cross my legs and wait and see if I can get it set up when it come out of the box!! Its a conundrum!! Mike - I'll be sure to keep you posted. Did you go for eny eyepiece upgardes??
  16. KevStar


    Yup- Just posted on the Names and Dates thread. Got a couple of friends who could be intered in tagging along too - assume that is OK? Still need to ask them
  17. KevStar

    Hello All

    Jeepers - my spelling really is atrocious! Must remember the spell check!
  18. KevStar

    Hello All

    Hi Bill Welcome to the forum from the latest new member. Lets have some clear nights hey? Just as well it has been cloudy these past few weeks as I've been waiting for my first ever scope to be dellivered and clear skys would have been torcher. Kev
  19. KevStar


    Hello All StarGazers After a couple of weeks reading posts on this forum I have finally decided to introduce myself. My name is Kevin, aged 39 and I live in the Quantock Hills in Somerset. Originally I registered in my pet's name of 'Snuffy' but on reflection decided that it would be rather embarrassing to be forever known by that name on this forum. So - KevStar it is from now on! This is a first for me, never having posted anything other then a letter so bear with me as I'm sure to 'fluff it up' now and again. My stargazing up till now has been limited to my binos but I'm chomping at the bit as I'm expect my Explorer250 and EQ6 pro to land on my doorstep withing the next few days. Oh yes - I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas. My wife is going to have the shock of her life cos she has absolutely no idea how big this thing is going to be. Watch this space as I'm sure to be in BIG trouble. Thanks to Greg (who I work with) and Steve from FLO for all their advice to date and in advance cos I know I'm gonna need a whole lot more before I get my new toy up and running.
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