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  1. Bit of advice again please. How does this mount compare to the eq-5 and synscan. Vixen GPDX Mount With Skysensor 2000 GOTO And Orion Giant Field Tripod. seen it advertised on astro buy sell and rather interested. Would this be any good for astrophotography? and can i use skywatcher scopes on it or just Vixen? Thanks
  2. Really nice, wish i had an artistic flare! mine would just end up looking like my 3 year old sone drew it lol
  3. Would this cause any vibration when taken photo's?
  4. Great work, Cant wait to get started on some DSO when i get a better mount.. keep up the fantastic work
  5. Had to pick my jaw up after looking at that... Just WOW!!
  6. I really wished mine came out like this, practise makes perfect i guess
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