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  1. high end mount,would a Heq5 be ok thanks
  2. could you tell me what you think of LYRA OPTICS are there scopes any good. thanks
  3. would a scope 102mm F/11 Refractor be any good for astrophotography.
  4. Hi All if i was to buy a Heq5 syntrek,and then add a HiTec Astro EQDir Adaptors to run of a laptop this would give me ( goto)with the right software? this would save me £100.would that work thanks
  5. HI All i have a panasonic DMC-FZ7.i have the adapters to fit my scope s/w 150p.used a barlow *2 but just gets a small area of the moon magnified.if i dont use the barlow i can see the cross frame of the scope any help pls
  6. or a Celestron C8-N GT or a Evostar 80 ED DS Pro HEQ5 Pro SynScan GOTO Mount or 8" SCT tube on heavy duty CG-5 computerized mount Aaaaaaaaa going to bed night
  7. Hi all i have a s/w 150p on a eq3-2,going to up grade to a Skywatcher Explorer 200P HEQ5 PRO.would this be ok for planets and dso Photography thanks
  8. Hi all thinking of up grading from my SK 150p to Skywatcher Skyliner 250PX FlexTube GOTO. can any one tell me are thay any good for Astrophotography ,planets +dso thanks
  9. Hi all ok all done.the think to do is just (1)loosen the bottom 2 screws.then (2)loosen the top 2 (the ones near the grub screw)turn grub screw 5mm,then tighten the 2 top screws.and test worm gear,if no good repeat (2). did take me some time thanks
  10. yes got the allen key to fit.BUT gave it a turn done the other 4 up now mount wont move Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa undid it redone it all up no good. is there a starting point with the grub screw thanks for your help
  11. there is just a hole there.is the grub screw in the hole thanks
  12. Hi i have just receved a dual axis motor for my mount.reading the the paper work it said it may be necessary to loosen the worm gear on the mount.it said loosen the 4 screws, and then the 2mm screw in between them.i just have a hole there. on the dec and ra worm gear. thanks
  13. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa more money
  14. WOW MONEY must turn this off the wife is coming in
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