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  1. I did grant but my engineering side is bad even with a wooden prototype it burnt out the bearings i contacted engineering firm they quoted me £3000+ and that was about 7 years ago
  2. Nah that looks like some type of wheel mine done with just magnetic pulses (although not pulses seems to be the failing spot) lol
  3. Saturn gave me the stargazing bug. I contacted everyone i knew. To see something 900 millions miles away in some sort of detail, wow.
  4. The Idea: Imagine a record deck setup ie a fixed outer surface and a circle inside which is free to spin. You then line magnets up at a 45 angle on both edges with poles facing each other pushing each other appart. Would this then be a continuous cycle of poles pushing and if a magnetic pulse travels at the speed of light then a well built model would spin the disk at close to LS? The bearing just started to grind after a cople of minutes of rotation may have been weight but got me thinking maybe
  5. Ok idea debunked by a bighter spark than me. Thanks all for the interest
  6. Hi Karl and welcome to SGL. Your close to Jodrell Bank (well 20 miles ish)
  7. Solar i have to admit is very cool (no pun intended) but you would have problems running your car on it
  8. Cheers for the reply grantb still looking for a physics boffin though please. At least to put me out of my misery or just to scoff and chuckle. A couple of minutes reading time.
  9. I did pm grant but no response lol not sure if thats a good or bad thing
  10. Dispatched today i will try to do a non biased comparison when i get it. lol and clear skies
  11. Cheers steve was waiting for flo to send me that link and thanks all. im curious to see how much better it is than my mak 127
  12. If im wrong then please shoot me down in flames at least i will stop dwelling on it
  13. Frictionless is one of the issues but i also had am idea to bypass that aswell. i mean a perpetual motion machice that could be used to say run you car or house with.
  14. True the idea is simple I can explain it in a couple of lines, i built a prototype but burnt the bearings out. Cant get anyone at all to listen to me though lol ravings of a madman. Ihavmt the know how to properly build or do the math so have to share
  15. you can check this yourself by using a cloth tape measure
  16. Hi Christophe and im jealous i had a place lined up in scotland just before i got poorly .. im lucky thats its quite dark where i am but wanted to hike to the corner shop
  17. lol yeah i get that alot can i pm you with my idea then pete?
  18. yeah i had heard rumours about em in far off lands
  19. Hi are there any physics minded people who can discuss an idea i have had about a practical perpetual motion machine?
  20. Hi there Have you tried the Diameter = Circumference / 3.14 equation (at least io think thats the 1)
  21. Ordered my scope yesterday and a long wait till friday for delivery so sorry everyone about the cloudy skies i will no doubt bring:icon_scratch:
  22. Hi there. Are there any Solar telescope owners close to me who would consider letting me have a peek through their scopes. As im trying to decide which to buy
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