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  1. I have an 8" Quattro and experienced the same double spikes on brightish stars. I believe the problem is actually focus - you just need to be very precise when focussing. With my old newt I used to focus by "eye" as it were, using Live View on my Canon DSLR., a very imprecise method . Naturally I tried the same technique with my new Quattro, which turned out to be not nearly precise enough. I ended up getting a Bahtinov mask which helped enormously.
  2. It's Apple's showroom model I was thinking of actually. Not that I like it particularly
  3. I seem to remember that in the early days of the internet shopping revolution, the often quoted advantage of buying online was that prices were low because the online retailers did not have to invest in expensive retail premises, train staff, provide support, pay business rates in expensive areas of town and so on. I've noticed over the last few years that that argument has somehow gotten turned on its head. The often quoted argument now is that people shop online because bricks and mortar shops overcharge and blame overheads. But this argument is simply wrongheaded. The reason why internet prices are low (tax loopholes notwithstanding), is precisely because online retailers do not have the kind of overheads traditional bricks and mortar shops do.
  4. The rise of internet shopping over traditional bricks and mortar retail is like watching natural selection in action. It was obvious years ago exactly how it was all going to work out, yet the dinosaurs seemed completely unwilling or unable to adapt to the new trading environment, and so became extinct. I'm pretty sure it didn't have to be this way for many of these moribund retailers. It just needed a recognition that things were changing, some imagination and some will. The daft thing is, there is a recognition at the moment that some online retailers may need to branch out and start opening showrooms to grow their business - even if those showrooms are simply showrooms that allow you to peruse some stuff which you then order online. So hopefully town centres won't stay completely desolate.
  5. I didn't think there was any such thing as being near the end of of buying astro related stuff!
  6. An earthquake? Crikey! And you kept imaging? That's dedication, that is - I'd have been long gone! . It's a great image too. Sent from my RM-821_eu_euro1_342 using Board Express
  7. Fantastic. I love this region of the sky
  8. Astroboot? Is that even still running? You could try a wanted ad on ABS, you never know someone may have one they'd be willing to part with. Sounds like a bargain, hope you can get it fixed up.
  9. That's a bit of a corker, that is! I hadn't realised before that the bubble is actually a bit pear shaped!
  10. It's a fine image. I'm hoping to give this one a go, weather permitting of course!
  11. Very impressive Mike. I think you need to update your location in your profile!
  12. I live in West Swindon as well. My northern and western skies aren't too bad, but south and east are pretty well awful.
  13. I've seen a lot of really good M81's, but those dust lanes Mike .... really excellent
  14. That's a really nice image! Sent from my RM-821_eu_euro1_342 using Board Express
  15. That's a terrific image Rik Sent from my RM-821_eu_euro1_342 using Board Express
  16. Nasa have made a wider view of Hubbles near-infrared horsehead APOD. The flame nebula looks absolutely amazing! http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap130503.html
  17. A very enjoyable report. It sounds like you had a great time tonight
  18. That's terrific Peter. I just saw this tweeted by EMS. You've really done it some justice. The star colour is amazing, and the definition of the individual stars revealed by the close-up is excellent. Really well done. I always end up with an amorphous blob when I do globs, so I doff my hat to you! Excellent
  19. Very nice Anton. Looking really good with great stars
  20. That is amazing Martin. That ZS71 really looks the business.
  21. Well, they are very persuasive Sent from my mobile using Tapatalk, so please excuse the speeling and granma!
  22. I've always assumed that they simply "emerge", like Tory leaders used to! Sent from my mobile using Tapatalk, so please excuse the speeling and granma!
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