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  1. Well, had a good night tonight. Tried the Canon with the 2x Barlow and it worked! I swear I already tried it previously to no avail, but hey - I ain't complainin' Majorly chuffed I got it working . The only problem I'm getting is the target gradually moves from the centre towards the edge of the picture, which I assume is lousy polar alignment or bad star alignment setup?
  2. Ahhh, I'm with you now So it looks like even if I were to use something lightweight like a finderguider, I'd probably be better off going for a more capable mount first, where I could simply use a conventional guidescope. An ST80 is what I was originally thinking in terms of.
  3. I've come across finder guiders before, but (excuse my ignorance), what's an RDF? Yes, my EQ5 does have an autoguiding port.
  4. If I were to invest in an Atik 314L+ to use on my 200p Newt and EQ5, could I get away with shortish exposures without guiding? Or am I really only going to get reasonable results by using a guidescope as well? I'm trying to pare down my wishlist to match my disposable income Buying the guidescope is not so much the issue as maybe investing in an HEQ5 or even an EQ6 to cope with the additional load. From what others on SGL have advised me, I believe that adding a small guidescope + cameras etc to my 200p would very likely overload my EQ5. What I don't want to do is buy the camera only to find at that time that I need to spend a whole lot more! Any thoughts welcome.
  5. Got my marker placed first time. Just lucky I guess
  6. Well, I got all the gear out intent on having another go at hopefully capturing a few DSO subs with my Canon 500D. Alas, no joy again - same problem as before. After a lot of tinkering around though, and after completely removing the 1.25" EP adapter, and manually holding the camera in the focus tube for a few test exposures, I came to the conclusion that I was not able to achieve enough inward travel to reach focus. So, SlipperySquid, I think your prognosis is correct. Thanks for that . I just ordered a 2" T adapter and hopefully this'll do the trick. And thanks to everyone else that came up with ideas for me to try out. It was really much appreciated. So although it was a bit of a frustrating experience, I feel that at least now I may be going forward. And I did grab a look at M57 as well, so it's not all bad .
  7. Dovetail related question: When you purchase new dovetail bars, do they come with the necessary screws for attaching to OTA/guide scope rings? I had a helluva job trying to find screws to attach my Skymax 127 to the small dovetail which came with my EQ5. EDIT: ^^ the small dovetail bar in the above post
  8. The weather forecast looks tentatively promising for tonight in my part of north Wiltshire, after some possible rain this afternoon. I'm hopeful that the skies will clear around midnight-ish.
  9. Excellent stuff. I'm still waiting for the opportunity to try my hand at Jupiter. All this waiting for a clear night is starting to get tedious now . If my first attempt were to turn out only a fraction as good as yours, I would be grinning like a Cheshire cat
  10. Hmmm... I like the look of that auto focuser. Something else to go on my Christmas list then
  11. That is a good price. Just ordered one for myself (The Neodymium that is). Another 39 days of rain eh? :'(
  12. I neglected to think about extra the counterweight completely. So if I do go down the ST80 as guider route then it seems I'm definitely looking at an EQ6 rather than an HEQ5. OK. Time to revise those plans .... Actually Bizibilder, you make a good point about the EQ1. It only costs around £30 on top of the OTA, and could prove useful at some stage too.
  13. Unfortunately I can't see the for sale section :'( I'll have to run it by Mrs Black Knight first
  14. Hmmm... for around £85 for the ST80 OTA that's actually quite tempting ...
  15. Never heard of a finderguider before. So I googled it, and it returned with a thread here! Hmmm... might be worth comtemplating ....
  16. Yeah, I'm trying my hand at imaging with a DSLR for the moment (not without a few problems), at least until I get more experience. Funnily enough I was just looking at the HEQ5 when you posted. Really I was just thinking about where I might like to go from here, and what I might need to get there, so to speak. I just wish I'd known when I bought the kit (I've only had it a couple of months), that imaging was something I'd want to do. TBH, the thought hadn't really occured to me. Oh well, never mind
  17. OK, looks like EQ5 will (eventually) have to go then. Thanks for replying so quickly.
  18. I have an Explorer 200p mounted on an EQ5 Pro. I'm toying with the idea of adding an ST80 as a guide scope at a later stage, perhaps running Skywatcher's Synguider. Would my EQ5 cope with the weight OK, or should I be thinking about trading in the mount for perhaps an EQ6 (or some other mount)? thanks
  19. That's exactly what it looks like! I'll try a Barlow and the other suggestions next time I get a chance. Thanks!
  20. Thanks for replying I'll give your suggestions a go, thanks
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