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  1. the missus owns a van on the south coast......in selsey .....near the great sir PM....bunn leisure.....they have pitches with ehu....for tents and motorhomes....and they rent statics....I've had skies there as good as I had in cyprus.....not awesome but pretty good....much much better than london!
  2. I for one really enjoyed it......Robh and barkis...your opinions basically mirror mine(forgive the pun).....yes the show could be improved in some aspects like actually visiting some of the functions that have been organised in conjunction with the show,but on the whole....well done the beeb.....I almost feel like I'm getting my monies worth now from the stealth tax they call a licience fee
  3. I really don't get it!...whats with all the animosity to Brian cox?.....the man knows his onions,he's helping to popularise a subject close to all our hearts....getting more good stuff on the telly!.....am I missing something?.......BIG vote from me for Brian Cox!
  4. he was right to mock.....in the same way that he took a swipe at the 2012 rubbish.....it has no place in any sensible scientific discussion.....very generous to call it psuedo science...even though modern astronomy owes a little to it....its still b'';/.,##
  5. hi guys and gals,..dont often post,or even log on for that matter but I do read forum posts every day and I just wanted to say merry xmas and thanks for being such a wealth of information and interesting view points.....astronomy til i die now
  6. a few months back,I read on here about a samsung security cam that was being used for visual/imaging.....sounded cool....and cheapish.can anyone remember this as I cant find it ...or are there any comparible suggestions within a budget circa£200....thanks:)
  7. if I could choose a colour to match my mood it would be ..........GREEN!
  8. I have noticed that whenever Brian cox is mentioned,it turns into a marmite session.......personally I loathe marmite but think that Brian cox is cool!
  9. i dont find anything in the night sky boring.....each its own different wonderment!
  10. just watched star men.....excellent telly!
  11. wow!....thats exactly what I did......and SGL has been the answer to all my questions ever since,so much so thst I don't think to ask now...I just have a read....thank "heavens" for SGL
  12. can't stop keeping tabs on this thread......I for one would love to see a seperate section for VI/VO...I don't post that often but am reading posts every night(I should log on but keep forgetting)...I know the purists may feel that observing in this way is cheating but if this gets me using my scope more often than I do then this is the way I will go....it would be nice to be able to learn from and share experiences with like minded people.....so come on moderators give it a sub section....I promise to log on and post more often !
  13. I am so glad I came across this thread.......have been tempted by "the dark side" for a while but cost has been prohibative lately.....then I got a bit lucky with a recent car purchase(I am a mechanic and will make a fair few quid when I fix and sell her on)....and I was thinking of getting a decent dslr.....question to all you people of experience,is this a good cheaper alternative?.....all I want is to be able to be in the running for picture of the week one day!
  14. Has anyone heard of the DOGON tribe in west africa and their knowledge of the Sirius star system?......Thought it might spark the debate a bit in a more astronomical direction!
  15. I have watched it and its very good.....in fact its better than WOTU.....and I am a big Brian Cox fan....but Morgans voice is......GODLIKE!
  16. I don't often post......too busy reading everyone else's posts.....but every now and then I do get the urge to throw my pennies worth in.I am a newbie and although I would like to image one day its still a dream.I love to veiw POTW and I personally feel that just being able to produce anything near to what I see week in week out and have it even considered would be all the praise(and prize) I would need.....and besides,some one would have to sponsor the prizes.....!
  17. Hi guys and gals, just thought I would share this with you all. Well worth a watch. Tell me what you think BBC iPlayer - The Beauty of Diagrams: Newton's Prism
  18. hiya one and all,I don,t post that often.....much prefer to read the posts.....but I've gotta dive in on this one!...Whats with all the knockers of BC...at last we have a presenter that knows his onions,loves his subject,and wants to share it with the public...I am sure you all love watching david attenborough...partly for his love and ehthusisim for his subject...BC is the same type of guy...be grateful..its on prime time...beats eastenders all day
  20. the weather reminds me of the mrs......always on a promise!...Oh well....maybe tomorrow I can get the telescope out.......
  21. welcome to sgl....look forward to hearing more from you!
  22. we owe a lot to astrologers.....afterall,it is from their observations over millenia that the science of astronomy was born....the constellation names we use were born of astrology...that being said its still hocus pocus
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