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  1. Anyone see the first pass? I think I did. It moves over fairly fast yeah? I'm sure it can't have been a plane, would have been very coincidental if it was! Although I can't see the moon, seems low down here I've found some 8x30 binoculars in the house. Will I be able to see it any better with them or are they not good enough?
  2. What time will it be crossing? And where in the sky?
  3. Oh another question to mainly skywatcher 130 users. How much space does it take up? Is it easy to store? Does anyone have a picture of them or someone with one of them too so I can see how big it is? I think I'd prefer a SW heritage 130. Due to it's portability but everywhere I've looked I can't find it second hand.
  4. Thanks Astro, see you helping around here alot I have StarMap Pro on my iPhone which is very helpful although I feel a compass would be handy with it. I guess people suggest red light stuff as it doesn't ruin your night vision? Thanks for the help guys, just gotta raise the funds now. Should have the money by monday/tuesday pending an ebay sale
  5. Yeah I'm not thinking of going GoTo it was just a general example of an upgrade really! I guess most eye pieces fit to the telescope?
  6. Looking at buying it off here from someone for £90. It's an Explorer 130. No P.
  7. Unfortunetly my funds are limited so I can't spare the £130 for a goto mount and telescope!
  8. Sorry about all the threads, just a few questions.. 1. I keep hearing people going on about 'cooldown' of a telescope. What does this mean? Is it important? 2. If I was to get a Skywatcher Explorer 130 does it have good possibilities for upgrading? Would I be able to upgrade it to goto or whatever it's called eventually? That's it for now...
  9. Where is the EMS dark site? Wonder if it's close to me
  10. I stayed at Park Inn with my girlfriend in Nabq Bay, Sharm El Sheikh. It depends what you want really. Nabq Bay is basically just a road with loads of hotels on. It's not got much near it, if you want to take in a bit of culture you have to drive 20 minutes down the road to the town. Naama Bay is good for that so if you want to be nearer the town stay near there. Our hotel was excellent, I really couldn't have asked for more. It has it's own water park and the food was nice. We flew with Thomas Cook and the rep was excellent.
  11. I'm waiting to raise a bit of money, I may pm you on monday/tuesday. Space Oddity, if I get one I'll also be storing it at my girlfriends who lives in the country
  12. How heavy is the skywatcher explorer 130? Not that it matters but it would be nice to have an idea how much it weighs!
  13. So basically I should maybe save up a bit more and get a skywatcher 130? Or try and find a pre owned one.
  14. How much did you pay? I can raise about £90 I think for a scope. I was gonna couple that with a £20 amazon voucher seeing as you can't get the skywatcher 130 on there though I wasn't gonna get it.
  15. What are peoples opinions on these? Found them on Amazon and I'm looking to get my first telescope off there as I can get a £20 voucher. Would it be better to try and get a skywatcher heritage dob or skywatcher 130? One problem is they aren't on amazon.
  16. I think it's part of life having annoying neighbours isn't it! In an ideal world all astronomers would live on the same street
  17. Heh! I went to a pub quiz last night and as we were all talking outside I was looking up to the sky and saw a few moving 'stars'. Saw two. Would be nice to know what they were but I'll never know!
  18. Lovely pics. Very serene I think!
  19. Looks good Looking forward to your next attempt
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