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  1. Thanks Chris Just taking a sneaky lunchtime look. I've not had this issue on any previous shots, but if I was to enter a correction factor for pixel shape, where is this done? Capture or processing? cheers ian
  2. Greetings from the sun kissed realm of Cumbria! I've been trying to catch some Jupiter images recently, with the odd improvement here and there, mostly thanks to a lot of useful advice in SGL. Sunday was a rare clear night for a couple of hours and I grabbed this image. Now, I know Jupiter is an oblate sphere, but this is distinctly egg shaped, and not in the right axis either! It seems to be squashed to one side. Any ideas? Another question if I may, when I am applying wavelet sharpening in Registax 6, the zoomed image always looks a darn sight smoother than the working full image which se
  3. Thanks Nick, will give that a go. Also thinking to drag the bigger scope up the lane next good night.Ian
  4. As another post says, the season is well an truly upon us now. Taking the dog out last night I noticed it was clearing nicely after a day of torrential rain here in LA6. So, lacking time in a work week to set up the full C8 rig for photography, I picked up my grab and go gear and set off up the back lane...just getting 100m from the streetlights which plague my garden makes all the difference. The grab and go kit consists of a WO Megrez 72, Vixen mini-porta, 18mm eyepiece, 2 x barlow, RDF, red headtorch and a copy of the new TLAO book. Mostly in a Lowe-Alpine camera case with a small tripo
  5. 4th night of clear skies on the trot here in south Cumbria. Got the comet in the C8 last night and got the missus to take look she say 'was the best thing she's seen yet' it really was very pretty. Passing neighbours enjoyed it too, so did my outreach bit. Also M31 and 2011 L4 together in the bins, a memorable sight which I'll keep for a long time. All in all a great night. seeing was pretty good, so tried the webcam on Jupiter early on, then the comet for a while and was out until 1am wandering through the Leo galaxies itiniery from SON mag, a whole bunch of meteors (including a very bri
  6. I'm there with all the Ian M Banks fans on this thread, perhaps 'Use of Weapon's but the understated subtlety of 'Inversions' is a real treat provided you've read some other 'Culture' novels. Changing gear a bit, try an old but epic classic 'The City and the Stars' by Clarke. Film has to be Bladerunner, if only for THAT line by Rutger Hauers character ..'Attack ships on fire on the shoulders of Orion', I think of it most every time I am out in the winter months.
  7. Also in South Cumbria. Finally I got a decent view of Mars with my new C8. Seeing was much improved compred with recent, so much so I went back in for the lappy and webcam and tried some images..not processed yet so we'll see. Visually, I saw two distinct dark patchs and a much lighter area...would this be the Elysium area? Looks OK for a few days on and off here.
  8. Hi Folks, My previously previewed C8 arrived whilst I was away on business. Assembled on the mount this am and it looks GORGEOUS. Can't believe how smooth the focusser is , I keep having a little twiddle. Anyhow, its a lovely clear evening now, so I'll pop it outside in a while, wait for it a cool and see how Venus and Jupiter look. If my luck holds, maybe I get a good view of Mars tonight. Think I'll drink in the views visually and save imaging for another night. On the other hand I might just run a few minutes on the Philips and see how it looks. Excited! Ian
  9. Sorry to all my fellow Lakeland stargazers but I have a new C8 on order from the nice people at FLO. Might be a week or two yet, but you'll know when it arrives as experience suggests that it's arrival will herald a month of flat grey skies, not that these are exactly unusual in the NW. BTW..its really snowy here today. Had fun on mountain bikes this morning but tomorrow we break out the Nordic skis! Ian
  10. Hi folks second attempt (with more info) to find where a noise problem has crept into my jupiter images. I have been trying to improve focus and colour capture, with some success, albeit miles to go yet, but lately I get huge noise in the image when I click to the wavelet option in Registax 6. Frist up an image from November...flat colour but ok for sharpness. No issue when this was processed. The equipment was the same in all cases: Orion 130mm Newt 2X barlow and a flashed Philpps 880 webcam. Nornmally 3 mins at 10fps and stacking about 70%. Here is the capture file from November: Resoluti
  11. Thanks Malc, I'll try that next time, its one setting I haven't adjusted yet. Whats normal for this sort of capture? Mind you it is was the same for all three images...
  12. Hi Folks, I've been following the forum threads and trying to improve my technique, but seem to have taken a step back last night. Seeing was was good and I swear the focus on the moons was as sharp as I have ever got. Equipment is an Orion US 130mm F7 newt, tracked CG4 mount, 3 x barlow and Philipps 880 flashed webcam. Captured in sharp cap and processed in Registax 6. I normally take around 3 minutes and stack about 2/3. Last nights image seems really noisy, I was very dissappointed: Here is the capture file: [Philips SPC 900NC PC Camera] Frame Divisor=41 Resolution=352x288 Frame Rate (fps)
  13. Did just fine for astro stuff. Laser collimator, planisphere, Philipps 2012 month by month guide and Prof Cox's Wonders of the Universe DVD. Excellent! Also a super retro-cool Carradice saddlebag for my road bike, all we need in Cumbria now are some dry days for cycling and clear nights for observing.
  14. Several nights of frustration ended in utter joy last night. Previous night got the EQM all lined up, drives on and ready to try some imaging...waiting for it to get dark , took a peek at M44, then getting ready for some fuzzy stuff...haze rolled in, so that was that. Took best part of 30 minutes to get it all stowed away again. Out at sunset last night, was wonderfully clear, so got all set up again...EXACTLY the same happened , so geared down, went back in and read some blogs here. Popped out at 1130 just as I was thinking of turning in and it was GREAT! Clearest I've seen for ages and no
  15. Great report, thanks mountianman. Just back from a morning on mountainbikes by the Howgills and spotted some good potential observing sites just off the roads across the moors north of Orton. Thinking about the parking spot on the road over Nine Standards Rigg into Swaledale as well. Even here in South Cumbria we have too much glow from Morcambe, Lancaster and Kendal plus all the villages, so I'm planning to get out from time to time. M13 naked eye: imagine!
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