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  1. Well that's the last nail in the coffin for me... Another great review of a 6SE Right then where's that Mastercard, Birthday's come early old man.... Cheers S.
  2. Thanks all for the replies regarding the power lead. Sorry If I have hijacked the review Cheers S.
  3. Thanks for the review I too am thinking of the 6SE, later in the year (40th Birthday) What are the connectors on the power lead ? I already have a "Power tank" type thingummyjig that has jump leads on it etc, its 12v so that should be ok just the only port on it is the cigarette lighter type from inside a car. would rather not have to buy Celestrons own instead Cheers again
  4. Morning, Had a reply from Rother Valley optics regarding the case (Prompt reply) They will be stocking it at £130 incl Delivery. After working out some figures it will be probably cheaper getting it from them, rather than importing it. Not to mention less hassle if something is wrong with it etc. All said and done though I'll look at cheaper options for now. After all I haven't even ordered the Scope yet !
  5. To be honest I was thinking more portability than home storage. ( i.e Holidays, visiting dark sky sites ) The Shed should be fine, but even though I live in a reasonably nice area, I still wouldn't trust outdoor storage. I suppose my thinking comes from having expensive camera gear, I always tend to buy decent bags/cases for transportation etc. might just pop in to B&Q and look at the big rolling stoage boxes, see if they will fit. Cheers
  6. Cheers, Just whizzed an email to Rother Valley to enquire about Price and Availability as they don't quote it directly on their site Heres hoping S.
  7. Good Afternoon all, As mentioned in the welcome section, later this year I intend to buy myself the FAMILY ! a nice new Nexstar 6SE. Now such an investment requires protection, which means a storage case. Has anyone any experience of JMI Cases ? I have looked in to other options but keep coming back to JMI, suffice to say I am seriously thinking of importing one and risking Customs Charges/VAT/Postal Charges/Anything else the government can think of. Heres a link to JMI, the cases are under the catalogue section, marked Celestron. http://jmitelescopes.com/index.htm I am open to any other suggestions so please share Thanks all, Scott
  8. Redregie

    Can I come in ?

    Morning! A big thanks to one and all for the very warm welcome, I can sense already this will be a place to learn and share. After mentioning that Ladybird book, I thought it was high time to pass it on to my son, now that he's past the ripping pages stage. hopefully the pictures will hold the same magic for him too. I actually have 2 sons but the younger is only 1... So I'll start working on him next week ! Now I think I'll compose some questions for the board, always best to let others spend your money for you I say.... Cheers for now
  9. Redregie

    Can I come in ?

    'Looks around nervously'... Greetings all, Thought I'd join, hope to contribute as best I can, although not having t'internet at home might hamper things a little Obviously all my postings will be in works time..... My interest in Astronomy started with the "The Night Sky", a Ladybird book from the early 70's, and from then on, well you know the rest, I have dabbled with other hobbies over the years but 2 are ever present, Astronomy and Photography ( Part time wedding photographer, about to retire..) 2 Important event have happend recently, the first is my 3 and a half year old son asked me "Whats that star for" and "Why is the moon", difficult questions I'm sure you'd agree, but the interest seems there. Secondly It's the big 40 for me this year. So I have decided to put away the binoculars and buy the first "family" scope, and with this in mind I've settled on a Nexstar 6SE, however I can be convinced to spend my money elsewhere.... Why the 6SE, well it seems a good grab and go, and living where I do ( St. Helen's ) its horribly light polluted, so it needs to be portable. As for the GoTo aspect, well I'm ok at finding my way around, (admittedly with a little help from "Pocket Stars" on my MDA II), however my wife is a tad impatient and i will need fast results to keep her interested. Thats it really, hope I can be of some use here, just don't expect a quick reply from me !!! ( Must sort out broadband at home ) Cheers all Scott
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