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  1. sir bert

    a sunny day

    photos taken monday aug 01 2011
  2. PS the filters should screw inti your T ring adpter be shure to get the proper thread size sir bert
  3. i have a nikon d60 and i use allmoste the same setup as you #1 2x barloe lens will fit into the T ring and the barlow goes into your telescope this will doubel the power of yuor telescope #2 if you use a hyperion eyepiece thare is a specal ring you attch to your nikon addaptor ring this is the thing the T ring attches to and with this ring inplace of the T you can attch a hyperion eyepeice 21mm or 10mm theas hyperion eyepices ars a bit pricey #3 a antares eyepieces project camera adepter alowes you to drop in the smaler eyepeices into it then it atches to your camera adapter ring and the a
  4. oh no it wont take that long ! you see it,s the 2012 thing you have to worry about as the myia perdicted were passing throu the astro plane and the astro plane is like a gint magnet in that it has a north and a south pole and we know how this helps to sheald the earth from the cosmic storms that are exploding off the sun and when the earth passes this plane the north and the south poles will shift changing how this feald protects us and i sugest a good sun block
  5. i use a dslr its probly the best i started with a nikon d60 it cost me 600.00 canada dolers but now i use a canon 5d with a full size sensor 1000.00 canada dolers i use a remote shuter triger ( keeps it stable ) you will need a mount that tracks for long exposhers and a camera mount to atch the camera to your telescope ive also used a samsung s1070 10.2 mg pixel point and shoot it works but can be a bit tricky and fussy i prefer the dslr i find it just gives better photos
  6. hello from calgary alberta canada keep looking up
  7. hello from calgary alberta canada
  8. stellarium is FREE and i youse it but strry night pro is probly the best but this will cost monie i payed $160.00 canada dollars
  9. hello and welcom to SGL from calgary alberta canada
  10. hi and welcome to sgl from calgary altberta canada get better soon EH
  11. try a plane flatner this will reduce your focel length and give a smaller image im not shure but you may need an adapter this will cost monie i think i payed $60.00 canada dollars and that was yoused
  12. revs youses the same setup as i do and the t-ring was only $30.00 canada dollars the only diffrence i youse a (canon 5d) it has a full size sensor its the same as (35mm film) and the 18 mega pixels helps get nice pics you might try a antares 2x barlow lans THIS WILL DOUBEL YOUR FOCEL LENGH
  13. sir bert


    hi graham and welcome ive been hear almost 1 year and it is a good place to learn new stuff and lots of pepole to ask questions and get info
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