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sir bert

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  1. sir bert

    a sunny day

    photos taken monday aug 01 2011
  2. sir bert


    oh my thats a nice one whare do i get one ?
  3. sir bert


    ok just what kind of camera do you youse and ware do i get one
  4. sir bert

    puddels 027

    if you would want to creat theas photos #1 the watter must be clean and clear (no stuff floting in it) #2 the sun should be low in the sky (so you get the prisem efect) #3 the ruff concreet street gutter will catch the heaver stuff (ie rust partitsals) thay will setel into the deep creveses and cracks when i took theas photos thay were flushing the fire hydrents (this is ware the rust came from) #4 the city workers had the hose on the sidwalk pointed in to the street at about a 45 dagree angle down the street #5 move up and down the street as about every 5 feet the wave patern will change (stay away from the splashes and drops) a kool efect but (when i took the pics it was the wave patterns in the watter i was after) #6 zoom in to fill the frame (i yoused a 70x300 mm lens) #7 the real secret to this proses is in the photo finshing ( ie the colour - the tint - and the britnes ) it was a real blast doing it when you convert them to sound i would be interested in hearing them i will add you to my frends as i have none yet i havent been hear thet long sir bert
  5. sir bert

    not a landscape

    ive changed the tint and the hue i was realy quite suprised and pleased theas photos are of watter running in the street
  6. sir bert

    aug 2010

    sun spots after the soler storm
  7. sir bert

    Where are we all?

    no thats just ware i park my car and i live in an apartment bilding oh by the way my nabour has a rotwiler so i feel safe but the same cant be said for my cats so i keep them in doors :eek:
  8. sir bert

    rob,s pics #1

    late 2009 early 2010
  9. sir bert

    moon in fly by

    july 08/2012
  10. sir bert

    moon in fly by

    webam video july 08/2012
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