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  1. Welcome to the forum Dave.. Scott
  2. Have you bought that EQ6 Pro at the top of the page Andrew? Someone has and they've saved me a 320 mile trip to Rotherham and back .. Scott
  3. Cloudgazer

    Hello to all

    Welcome to the forum Pip.. Scott
  4. Apparently the TMB/ BO Planetary's were designed with dob use in mind.. The idea being that you can let the planet drift across the wider FOV and not have to adjust the dob so often. The thing that appeals to me about the TMB/ BO Planetary's is the extra eye relief.. Viewing in comfort at high mag's sounds appealing . Scott
  5. Welcome to the forum.. Scott
  6. I wouldn't lose any sleep Tony; I can't imagine Skywatcher announcing anything with a TMB co-designed Fluorite air-spaced triplet 8) Me either, its bound to be oil-spaced... And include a free co-designed 7 year waiting list.. Scott
  7. Cloudgazer

    Belated Hi

    Welcome to the forum.. Scott
  8. I was out in the garden having a look between 2:00 and 3:00 (first time the sunloungers seen any use this year ). Saw about 15 or 16 alltogether.. Two were really bright and right where I was looking at the time 8). Scott
  9. Cloudgazer


    Welcome to the forum.. Scott
  10. Welcome to the forum SG.. Scott
  11. Cloudgazer

    Signing in

    Welcome to the forum Paul.. Scott
  12. Thats a stunner Martin.. Scott
  13. Cloudgazer


    Nice M57 ED.. Scott
  14. Stunning image Mike.. Scott
  15. I went for sitting down.. It's the only comfortable way to use my 8" F6 dob. Scott
  16. Welcome to the forum.. Scott
  17. Welcome to the forum.. Scott
  18. Cloudgazer

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the forum Keith.. Scott
  19. Might be quickies but their still good SR.. What happened to the TAL 100R? Scott
  20. Cloudgazer


    Very nicely done.. Scott
  21. Seems like a good time to have the scope out to me.. Is a bit strange sunning yourself whilst the moons out though. I was looking at the moon at about 5 O'clock this morning just after Mars dissappeared.. It was nice and high so there wasn't as much atmosphere to look through and I thought that it looked really smart against the blue background. Scott
  22. Wouldn't mind seeing them add a 100 mm Equinox refractor to the lineup.. Plus a few scope + mount packages for the Equinox's. Scott
  23. Welcome to the forum.. Scott
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