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  1. Cloudgazer


    Welcome to the forum Lee.. Scott
  2. Looks good to me SR.. Nice pic. Scott
  3. Nice presentation L48.. Good to see a few doubles being imaged. Scott
  4. Nice images Carol.. Very well presented too. Scott
  5. Smart setup you've got there Dave.. Scott
  6. Observing only for me.. But I do plan on trying imaging once I've got an Equatorial mount. Definitely don't drink while trying to observe.. Scott
  7. Stellarium Registax K3CCD PixInsight LE The only one i've used in anger so far is Stellarium.. Scott
  8. Ian Are you making a full aperture solar filter or are you making it to fit over the hole left in the dust cover when the removable cap has been removed? Scott
  9. Cloudgazer

    Hi all

    Welcome to the forum Carol.. Scott
  10. Welcome to the forum David.. Scott
  11. Phil As far as I know Push To / Digital Setting Circles are used on dobs as a method of guiding you to a target.. If your using an equatorial mount wouldn't you just use the setting circles on it to do the same thing? Scott
  12. Lovely image Baz.. Always enjoy looking at widefield Milkyway images. Scott
  13. Nice Mars pic Martin.. Well done. Scott
  14. Couple of nice pics you've got there Geoff.. Well done. Scott
  15. Cloudgazer


    Welcome back to the forum.. Scott
  16. Cloudgazer


    Welcome to the forum Eddie.. Scott
  17. Cloudgazer


    Welcome to the forum Andy.. Scott
  18. Nice report Rus.. I had a couple of looks at Mars about six weeks ago and was also surprised by how small it was. Might have to leave it a while longer before having another go.. and get some shorter focal length EP's. Scott
  19. Cloudgazer


    Welcome to the forum.. Scott
  20. Very nice Jupiter that.. Well done. Scott
  21. Cloudgazer


    Welcome to the forum Gino.. Scott
  22. Cloudgazer

    Hi and Help!

    Welcome to the forum Anthony.. Scott
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