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  1. OK, let's do this!

    Dragon's Den....

    "Yes, we want to borrow 350,000 GBP to buy the Philips patents and tooling for their old webcam"

    "Oh yes"

    "We figure the annual sales to amateur astronomers will be a couple of thousand a year"

    "What about cost of production and distribution - Oh and marketing"

    "We''ll convince the old Chinese suppliers (who already have some very lucrative contracts on"new"cameras) to re-set all their machines and run our webcams for $2 each. My wife/partner/girl friend will look after the office stuff"

    "Oh yes"

    "So what's your selling price?"

    "Well, the forum members think 5 gbp delivered, would be a good price"

    "Hmmmm 350K at 4% is 14K in interest, based on 2K sales, that's already 7gbp per part, then you have the actual cost and distribution"

    "I'm out"

    "I'm out"

    "I'm out"

    Good points Ken! It's a finite demand.

    About 5000 of those cameras were sold in the last year or just a little more, I know this as I probably manufactured the vast majority of the adapters that went with them. I made approximately that many adapters.

    That I think is about the saturation point for webcams.

    I'll also add. Before the morgans deal those same cameras were making between 60-90 GBP on Ebay as secondhand Auctioned items. A.N.Others Adapters were 20 gbp with their "scene tax".

    All good things have to come to an end!


  2. Frankly everyone involved with these cameras has been a victim of their success.

    I know that Morgans have adapters to cover all stock, well at least they will tomorrow am :icon_confused: Also they have never had a "duff batch"

    From what I currently know these cameras are likely to dry up completely before the end of year.

    Then no-doubt they will be back to the pre Morgan deal ie being touted 2nd hand for the 60-90 pounds they were fetching pre Morgans.

  3. Maybe this maybe too "less" a scope for any suggestions :o

    Anyway thinking about this mirror cell business. What is the normal best practice for the substrate to sit the primary on? Would a equispaced set of nitrile feet or grommets be suitable? What it's sat on now is nothing moer than a few rubber blocks about 6-8mm square and 3 big dollops of rtv silicone acting as the only method of restraint.

    What scheme is normally used to actually retain the mirror when the external clips/brackets are used?

  4. Should I repaint with stripes too? hehe. I'm temped to "overkill" just cos......

    Talking of killing, that plastic bodied focuser they fitted is going to be smashed up! Just about the sole cause of all my initial frustrations that thing was.

  5. Since getting the little MAK127 our Orion Optics Europa 150 f5 has been doing nothing.

    So I've set about to make some changes to it. New Focuser is important. But on the way to that, I decided the mirrors needed a good clean and be put away somewhere safe.

    The Mirrors cleaned up fine, but what concerns me is the method of fixing. The Primary cell if you could even call it that is nothing more than a lasercut disc of alloy about 1/4" thick and the mirror is sat on three pairs of tiny rubber blocks with blobs of what look like rtv silicone closeby acting as an adhesive. No external clips anywhere.

    Same method is used on the Secondary.

    Any sensible suggestions as to whether to change this or not? I'd hate for that silicone to let go one night!! Obviously with a workshop full of nice machinery I'm not adverse to making something more subtantial either.


  6. The problem with lapping in situ is that the Worm Wheel becomes the lap as it's the softer component. Also the lapped area of the Worm itself will be concentrated in one place.

    Also unless you take steps to completely remove all media the wheel will still be a lap for a long long time.

    The ideal scenario is to use a soft worm to lap the wheel and a sacrificial wheel to lap the worm. We don't live in an ideal world of course.

  7. How is the stepper motion transfered to the platform Sean?

    If you can hear the stepper and there is no motion then the motor is stalled. This may be because it's rating is exceeded, the easydriver cannot supply enough current or ramping is required.

    There are other issues with steppers but I've only mentioned the most common.


  8. Sean

    What frame size is the stepper motor you are trying to drive and it's current rating?

    Not sure if you have implemented a accel/deccel ramp in your code as I'm poor at C like languages (I was more an mc guy).

    I know there is some sample s-curve code for the Arduino thoough which seems to work ok. I'm playing with the arduino too but for different applications and therefore I'm going to have to get better at C style coding.


  9. Some try to think about the undercuts :)

    The adapters I make for FLO have an undercut as per the drawing extract below. Tapered and blended with rads both ends and shallower taper at the nose end to assist extraction.

    The biggest problem is trying to deal with some pretty sloppy tolerancing on a.n.other manufacturers kit. The tendancy is to HAVE to err on the looser side because oneday someone is going to have an issue with parts not fitting. I can hold a couple thou all day no problem, some others could not care less (Includes some well known apparently high end brands that some rave about). So sometimes it seems a lose lose situation.



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