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  1. Is SGL6 still on? Was thinking of popping along with the scope for a few hours tonight. I've messaged Helen but not had a reply - can I just turn up (before dark obviously..) ?
  2. I'll be outside with the scope
  3. Is this the one where it got to -10C? Thinking of booking but don't want the missus to freeze - we've just bought a big sleeping bag but it's not a 4 seasons jobby...
  4. Just bought some of these as I missed them the first time round and they're back on ebay here: 1 1/4" Telescope Eyepiece Cap screw in (Filter thread) on eBay (end time 31-Aug-10 20:50:32 BST) Also bought one of their t-ring caps to protect a DSLR when it's just got the T-ring on here: T-Mount Cap (M42x0.75mm Thread) Telescope/Cameras etc on eBay (end time 31-Aug-10 20:52:55 BST) Seems like a good idea.
  5. I'm leaning to the 15mm for a couple of reasons: It's a fair bit cheaper, it's 1.25" so I can use an existing filter or barlow with it if I like and it's got the same 82 deg FOV as the 2". I also figure 50x is a nice mag to look at open clusters and such with. What do people think ?
  6. Hi all, Finally managed to find and see M81 / M82 with my 6" Newt Following the advice a fellow astromomer I spaced my fingers out to match the distance between the pointer stars of the plough and then flipped my hand over and pointed the scope there. Used my 25mm skywatcher plossi to see them - sky wasn't that dark and the neighbours kitchen light was in the illuminating the fence in the path but I still saw them - one faint ball of light and fuzzy line to the bottom left. Amazing to think they are 11 million light years away I've been offered a 15mm 1.25" celestron Axiom LX at a reasonable price or a 19mm 2" version of the same range which would give me 50x and 40x respectively in my 750mm F5 newt. Any preferences as to which I should go for if any? I'm looking to replace my supplied skywatcher 10mm and 25mm plossis. Thanks
  7. Hi all, I've recently picked up a 1.25" IR filter from astroboot for £6 which I'll be using for webcam imaging. The condition was listed as "A2 - Glass needs cleaning". It's not too bad - some slight fingerprint marks, etc. What would be the best way to go about removing them without damaging the coating? Thanks
  8. Current project is modifying a Philips Vesta Pro webcam to do long exposures. The soldering is probably the most difficult I've ever done - and I got my first soldering iron when I was 7 . The difficult bits - desoldering a pin and soldering the wires onto it and others is done. Hoping I've not broken anything Piccie with my thumb resting on the PCB for scale - using a zoom macro lens which is why it's out of focus:
  9. Had another look at the EP last night. While it doesn't rattle at all, there are quite a few (>5) little dust specs visible inside from the top and bottom - is this normal with a new EP? Thanks,
  10. That's fantastic! - as others have said, if you were to start selling them, I'd seriously consider it
  11. Thinking about getting one of these while they're on offer - 5in1 Jumpstarter with Digital Air Compressor : InCar Battery Chargers and Compressors : Maplin Maybe useful for people with dead powertanks
  12. I'll ring them - I'd like to know if coma can be caused by the EP being faulty / damaged or not before I do though
  13. Bought it from Astronomica - no rattling but was hoping for better performance than I'm getting. TBH I can't see much difference between the TMB and the supplied SW 10mm and barlow - sure that's not right :/ Not sure what to do - should I send it back and ask for a replacement ?
  14. As I was seeing concentric rings in the centre of the EP I assume the collimation is ok - I've got a cheshire and collimated it as best I could. Could the EP be damaged / at fault ?
  15. Hi all, My new TMB type II 6mm planetary EP seems to have coma from about 40% off centre to the edge (over half the field of view), getting steadily worse until the edge. I noticed it primarily when doing a star test for collimation - perfectly concentric rings when star in the middle but even a little off axis and the rings start to cross and become distorted. Is this normal for this kind of EP in this scope - I was hoping for less coma than in the supplied 10mm even at F/5 but this doesn't seem to be the case. Thanks
  16. Good grief - lovely setup and stunning images on your website. One day..
  17. Worth waiting for the IEQ45 ? Built in GPS and looks rather nice That said - it looks to use servo motors not stepper motors reading the spec..
  18. Ordered - £9 from amazon There is an astro club near me but no meetings until september now - probably because of the light skies problem. Good idea for the red filter - I'll need one for the sailsbury star party anyway
  19. Thanks ever so much for all the insightful and thoughtful comments. I'm not planning on giving up, I just want to have all the tools I need to make my life as easy as possibly when trying to find things. The scope can take 2 inch eyepieces so maybe a 30 - 35mm wide angle eyepiece would help. I'll also upgrade the finder so if I can't find something I will at least be comfortable enough to carry on looking! I'm also thinking of buying the Sky and Telescope's Pocket Sky Atlas - would that be a good step ? As suggested I'll also make a list of things I want to see for the night so I can work my way through them. At the moment I'm dashing in and out of the house to look at a laptop screen half the time to find something which obviously doesn't help with the night vision at all.. Thanks again
  20. So I had my lifelong interest in astronomy rekindled a couple of months back, and rather than jump in at the deep end and buy a goto scope, thought I'd start out modest with a reflector, a manual mount and Turn Left at Orion. So far I've seen the moon, saturn, venus, M13, M57, and alberio - all looked amazing and it was encouraging. But there's a problem. I've had the scope out probably 4 times since then (a month ago) and haven't found anything new. I try to follow the directions in TLAO - for example to find M51 "look for the star to the west of this one that is fainter then go up, etc" but which star to the left? - I see several. The same for M81 / M82 - I've tried for a full half hour to find it and failed. I should add I'm using the 25mm eyepiece to try to find things - so around 30x with my scope. So I need some reassurance - I don't want to give up learning the sky and buy a GOTO mount yet - but finding a new object would be a welcome reward for my perseverance. Ideally I'm looking for advice on what could help me find things, and what to use as a guide to learn whats around at various times of the year. I'm looking at upgrading the standard SW 6x30 finder to an OO 9x50 RA finder as a start as my neck kills after a while, and having to constantly rotate the scope in the rings is getting annoying - not sure if I'm doing something wrong here but for some objects the EP is too high or too low. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks
  21. Great photos - what scope was this taken with ?
  22. I fast forwarded stellarium to give me an idea when it will be around at a more sociable hour. Massive hill to the east of me so will have to wait a bit longer. :|
  23. Looks really neat - I'm thinking of doing something similar. What is the name of the "nosepiece" bit that is screwed into the camera adapter ?
  24. That's very nice. Would that size OTA be too heavy for a HEQ5 pro ?
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