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  1. That looks good, and like it may be a bit of fun too. I shall look further in to these, thank you!
  2. I had originally considered a refractor off the back of little maintenance. But the results achieved weren't really what could be had elsewhere for the money. I think Newtonian is the way, even with collimation. Cheers!
  3. Thank you both for your replies. I think my expectations are too high and budget too low. Ill focus on a dob as mentioned and try and learn to take photos of the moon using that. Then I can move on from there once I'm a bit more clued up and know where I want to focus going forward. Thank you for your candour, it's much appreciated!
  4. Hiya, I'm looking a bit of advice / opinions on a telescopes for a beginner, but useful, telescope. I've gone through tonnes websites and now seem to find my self going round in circles....... I've read that an 8inch dobsonian type will do pretty much everything I want without breaking the bank too much / me outgrowing it very quickly. Main issue is that I'd like to be able to take imagery, whether thats with phone or camera to start I don't know. I understand tracking can be easier with something motorised rather than by hand..... Budget wise, I don't want to spend a small fortune, or, get something I'll need to replace too soon. I'm based South in Manchester, UK, not sure if that has any bearing on choices. It probably needs to be something with low maintenance requirements too. My budget is low at around £300...... Not my decision on this one Cheers in advance
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