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  1. Thanks already picked up a few tips. Without the Barlow I can't achieve focus on anything. With Barlow I can focus on middle distance from 20-2000m, but not the night sky. I'll keep working at it, there must be a cure
  2. Hi All, Here's what I have - a Celestron 130 SLT, a bunch of 1.25" and 2" lenses, which I enjoy. I'm a very occasional and thoroughly amateur observer, but I recently bought a Canon 550D with t-Ring and Adaptor, and like many I manage to get images in daylight of local objects, but struggle to focus on the night sky. Haven't tried the Moon yet, but with Barlow may manage it. Any tips for getting better images with the DSLR would be much appreciated. Also just about to try a Webcam, and wondered if anyone could recommend a Webcam and Adaptor? Thanks in advance Dave
  3. Thanks both, I'll give the T-Ring and T-Adapter a try and see how I get on. I'm sure I'll find appropriate "Canon" ready kit. I have a Moonfish 2" x 2 Barlow Lens. Will connecting that between camera and scope address the insufficient inward travel on the focuser? Thanks again Dave
  4. Thanks - realised just after I'd posted that I'd posted in the W welcome Lounge! Dave
  5. Hi, New to SGL, and just posted my query in the Welcome Forum. Oops. Wasn't sure if I'd seen the answer to this query, but wondered if anyone could give me some advice. I'm looking to connect my camera to my telescope and wasn't sure if it was possible, and if it was what (specifically) I'd need. I've read about T-Adapters and T-Rings, but wasn't sure if there was something specific that I'd need Thanks in advance Dave
  6. Hi, Probably been asked before, but I wasn't sure I found the right thing on the threads. I want to connect my Canon 550D to my Celestron 130 SLT. Can anyone advise what I need to buy? thanks in advance Dave
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