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  1. very nice, im definately going to have a crack at this soon
  2. taken with my nexstar 6se with an afocal bracket and my sanyo xacti 12mp my first attempt ever, please be gentle:-)
  3. This app along with met office weather and carpenter (for levelling my tripod) are the three apps I use the most , everyone is always blown away by the augmented reality interface
  4. Hi there , one you've had a little taster of mars and venus with bins you'll be craving amscope :-)
  5. Hi and welcome, I picked myself up a nexstar 6 se second hand for less than a brand new 4se a few months ago and I'm extremely happy with it. Celestron have really nice build quality you won't be disappointed
  6. jeez , i never even thought of looking there !! thanks milan, it's often right under your nose isnt it lol
  7. i have a nexstar 6se which has been an absolute dream to use , however i am having a bit of trouble settign up a custom site, to be honest i dont have a large amount of knowledge about the whole longitude latitude thing and im struggling to find coordinates for my dark site i have an app for my iphone and also i have used a couple of sites on the net but none of them seem to give me exactly the correct format i need to enter in . i have a google maps link to a nearby site i think co-ords for that will work fine
  8. Not sure if this is the right Area for this but here goes anyway, Could some one tell me how to change view in google earth so the moon appears as is does to me visually from my location, is that even possible? It's a great tool but it's early days for me and I'm struggling go find my way around
  9. im so glad there are serious scientists out there working hard to give me 'firsts evidences' of amazing revelations such as this , i will remember to put my solar filter on when i look at jupiter next and factor 15
  10. ok i'm a little stuck on this one, i have found a great i phone app which give me longitude and latitude info in the correct format to enter into my nexstar ( nearly) however the last number contains a decimal point and i cant work out how to put this in example 57 43' 4.9" how do i enter a deciaml point with the handset? or should i just round up ( or down)
  11. i ended up getting the 6se as i found a second hand one at a price i couldn't refuse and i'm extremely happy with it ;-) as the 6 and 8 se use the same mount i may swap the tube in a couple of years.
  12. Tonight I popped out In the garden in my jim jams , slippers , dressing gown and a wooly hat
  13. To be honest I,be had fantastic fun every night apart from the first, and last night was amazing as I waited up for the moon and Venus. Seen quite a few faint fuzzies and even saw I tiny tiny amount of detail on the cigar galaxy i think
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