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  1. Franklin's? Already sold between your post and mine.
  2. Definitely what I'm trying to do while I let everyone rip the Mick out of me for using stock plossls. I'd probably commit to new kit if I could only try first, especially if I could compare makes/variants. Apart from that, I'll keep an eye on the second hand market. Perhaps some elimination for a start - what to avoid? I'm reasonably happy to spend on lenses that are equal to the scope, I do realise there's little point having it if I'm going to look through glass detrimental to the view.
  3. I know there may be compromises Michael, but I don't know enough about EPs to ask the right questions. Deciding on the scope was relatively easy in comparison and I'd already made a cock-up on that front. Is there a good description anywhere of the types/pros/cons anywhere? I suspect not too easy as much of this topic is subjective.
  4. Thank you John, I will also consider the Nagler zoom. Tele Vue certainly make some 'interestingly' priced EPs. I find it hard to imagine spending that much to get suitable range. Are the lenses polished on the sweaty things of Cuban cigar rollers or something? I guess these are the kind of things that rarely come up second hand if they're so good. Not being able to try before buying is frustrating me a little. I guess this is usually easier when societies can meet without health concerns.
  5. Thank you for the recommendation and reasoning, not that understood all the technical elements. That will come. I've also been recommended the Baader 8-24 Zoom, I assume for wider views. If such tools are so useful, what are the tradeoffs with respect to fixed FL eyepieces? Adrian
  6. Thank you. I currently have Celestron 6, 8, 13, 17 and 32mm (no model name) Plossls with 2x Barlow. Also a 3x X-Cel Barlow. All came as job lot with a previous second hand scope. Given that, does your recommendation still stand? If yes, why? Apart from the size, they seem to have pretty much the same FoV.
  7. I'm slowly picking up on the models, nomenclature and jargon for eyepieces. And that before we get into abbreviations that look a bit like brands. Procrastination and research led to me missing out on a couple of Vixens earlier - Franklin knew what he wanted and I don't yet. Not being able to try before you buy is a little frustrating. It seems we don't really buy astronomy gear, just rent it long term.
  8. Thank you John. What EP are you using to get 180x? Adrian
  9. Much better tonight. Proper first views. Clear sky, four moons three moons with Jupiter were obvious and 45 Cap (not what I though was a moon ). Maybe the odd orange stripy smear (wishful thinking?) but mainly fuzzy. Moon an absolute pleasure. So I wonder what better eyepieces will do for me. Definitely need a seat too!
  10. Watching... Sadly the one on ABS had already gone. They often seem to be paired with a Barlow lens. Is this a useful addition or marketing?
  11. I knew it was bad decision, but it was a function of desperation. Sorry about the cringe. Maybe proper views this w/e, although I'm not hopeful for the weather.
  12. Thank you Franklin for the holding back advice, worked a treat. The zooms appear to rarer than rocking horse do-do at the moment. No wonder yours sold quickly. Adrian
  13. Mine has shown a little more interest after finding this lady in her ancestry.
  14. Maybe they did have regular good weather. I've no idea what they recorded in logs. I sort of hope that the recent increases in moisture in the atmosphere are more recent. Just downloaded for the walk to work.
  15. Yes, twist grip. Not sure I fancy cutting anything at the moment! O rings I can probably do, I suspect I must have some from old scuba regulator seals., might be too small. One for the morning. Par focal rings? More jargon to lookup. Cheers Mike. Adrian
  16. Hi Mike, Yes, I know the Velux was not optimum, but it was reasoned for the few minutes I had. I would not have been able to see much from ground level through the house opposite and cloud was turning up. Yes, looking forwards to a better location and higher subjects. Normally I don't like springs - big tides. Yes, eyepieces will have to be selected, but that's a confusing subject on its own. And I need to understand why the ones I have wobble in the Tak prism. Undercuts? Adrian
  17. While using Celeston plossls with a Takahashi 1.25" prism, I had wobbly eyepieces when the eyepiece holder was tight. What have I got wrong? Is this a function of undercuts or is this normal? Adrian
  18. I'm not quite sure where such posts should go, so Mods, please move if appropriate. So after finally finishing work, I just thought I'd risk a gander at the moon out of our loft velux. Happy to compromise on the haze just for a few minutes before food. Even with the haze, lovely and clear - my wife was certainly impressed, so money well spent! We had a trip up to Jupiter which just about resolved as a disc (maybe), but I was not expecting much. Just using Celestron plossls as that's all I have for now. So not a stunning report, I hope the clouds naff off a little (or a lot) this w/e. Adrian
  19. Other considerations? Will your son still be interested in 12 months time? Definitely review the second hand market if you want to mitigate this.
  20. I like the channel/dowel slide arrangement.
  21. An update. After some procrastination over size, I pulled the trigger on HollyHound's FC-100DC. I did consider the Tecnosky 125, but I think the weight and length are too similar to the 200PDS for my comfort, if a little less bulky. Who knows what the future might bring if my back and shoulder return to 100%. As Vlaiv recommended, I also picked up a second-hand Skytee2 with an additional ADM fitting, both mount and scope relatively local. Only ring set and finder set are new. I know you know what this all looks like, but... Sorry about the weather.
  22. Technically only the ring and finder sets were delivered (also an unseen prism), I had to pick up the rest myself over the w/e. A handle is yet to be identified.
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