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  1. I guess I'm just far enough South from you to still get some views of Saturn and Jupiter last night. Venus was lovely and bright, but low and only visible through a 4m gap between houses.
  2. Stone him! TBH, the though did cross my mind (not a long way) as an ideal way to shift some anticipated stock problems. However I'd expect a few more dealers to have the sale if that was the case.
  3. Getting there. Had a fine view of Saturn tonight, first time I've seen the ring through my own eyes. Jupiter was not so great, there was some wispy cloud around, but it never seemed to affect Saturn. Then for something a little more challenging. M31. Failed to find it a couple of nights ago, so read up again on the star hopping. Success, even if it was a grey smudge. Then off to Pleiades for a few minutes, then back to M31 to hopefully prove it was not a fluke. It wasn't, but it was hard on the back as the scope was nearing vertical. I've managed to get hold of the Svbony 8-24 zoom plus a few other makes/models/sizes to try, not enough time tonight though. Plus a Pentax on order. Need to think about the Nagler 3-6 zoom too. Plastic taking a bashing at the moment. A good evening for me.
  4. Looks like it could get up and walk away, crab style.
  5. Can anyone confirm that these cables fit the SkyTee2? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/celestron-mounts/flexible-slow-motion-control-cables-for-sky-watchercelestron-mounts.html
  6. so is considering the XW3.5 in the FC-100DC just being silly, especially with am exit pupil of 0.5?
  7. I read those to the Thunderbirds countdown voice.
  8. I'll probably return the finder, but only after comparing in use. The money would be useful towards a smaller FL eyepiece. I think...
  9. There was a comment on the radio that they were lucky it was not the real band. I wonder how the Gallaghers would have handled three days in the same room.
  10. I'm certainly getting some lovely view OF the FC-100DC. It's currently sitting behind me waiting for a RACI (my back did not like the awkward positions the Japanese appear to prefer) and clear skies for some decent EP comparisons. Typically I was away last week, clear skies in London at times.
  11. I don't know if the scope I bought will provide the best view I can have. but almost certainly not. I could have paid less or more for more aperture, better mirrors, better lenses etc. However there's an element of other compromises too. Manoeuvrability, storage and possible resale are factors. I've also bought second hand to mitigate some risk of financial loss. I have bought what to some is a relatively expensive scope, but it is also not the most expensive I could have bought for its size. And no waiting lists! I've also another big consideration. I'm getting older and my eyesight is deteriorating. So perhaps it is worth a few extra quid to recover a few %age point of subjective quality to bring my observations back to the level of a 30yo with a cheaper scope. In the end, I don't splash out on expensive cars (not to tow boats over sand) or watches (I've not worn one regularly for years), so I may as well make my economic contribution to the economy in a different way. Plus all the extras keep a local business and postal service a little busier. Adrian
  12. The BBC was forced to make this information public. https://www.radiotimes.com/tv/entertainment/bbc-pay-2021-salaries-newsupdate/
  13. I recall the JWST will be in a very different location making getting there harder than the shuttle would ever manage.
  14. It's possible that he might not even get paid by the BBC for this program. I'm aware of another presenter who does not get paid as it would create 'a conflict of interest'. No idea why though.
  15. Ah, but do they have the item in stock. Nothing I've asked about has been in.
  16. Hopefully to your benefit. I couldn't find the EP on the site.ref SV190. Just found it. Looked ok to me.
  17. I think that there are far too many subjects to consider for most newcomers to get it all sorted in their minds. Something will give.
  18. Franklin makes an excellent point the concrete quality elsewhere in their constructions. Worth a very good look for other crumbling concrete if they used the same batch for other jobs.
  19. I can't now recall what made me want to remove the prism. It's not as if there was anything to put in its place. It may as well have been permanent. I have been considering the Baader route more in light of this hassle. I wondered how to join the Baader prism to the scope without using a 1.25" nosepiece as that would end up using the same Tak fitting.
  20. It looks like you have about 80cm between the floors, that should be ample for drilling etc. It's not as if you need to swing a pickaxe or hammer to break a hole. The pier will obviously crumble with little help. A steel pier and steel bolted down base will be a better job. Might have to weld the pier to the base in place as I doubt it will go through the hole from underneath without breaking out the hole some. Your builder owes you big time for the hassle.
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