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  1. for ASIAIR Pro - though due to be superseded by the ASIAIR Plus which I understand will come with an antenna and emmc storage.
  2. I wonder if you could modify the Siril script, find the preprocess command and subtract the bias from the dark (having put your dark flats in the bias directory) then it would calibrate in the right sequence.
  3. Hi - this from the DeepSkyStacker site - I assume dark flats in the bias folder isn't going to work - you could always give it a try though:
  4. Also is there a 1.25" extender included that you can screw into the front of the camera so it can sit further out of the scope?
  5. FLO sell different EQDIR cables for HEQ5 and AZGTi so presumably they are not compatible?
  6. Yes I wonder if the 50/50ms setting for max DEC/RA duration is too short for the corrective pulses being generated by PHD2 to keep the mount on track, could try going for the max 10,000ms and then tune later by dialling down the DA/RA aggressiveness.
  7. Thats a shame @powerlord, I was getting DEC run away and RA wasn't looking too clever either prior to the latest firmware version but 3.32 has made a massive difference. I'm using ASIAIR Pro too - I've got the Guiding rate set to x0.9 under Telescope/Mount Settings and under Guide Settings I have Max DEC and Max RA Duration both set to the maximum value of 10,000. Also DEC and RA aggression are set to 80 and 70 respectively. Mount is fairly well balanced but is overloaded with about 4.5kgs of kit.
  8. Theres a huge thread on the mount here: https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/586532-new-skywatcher-az-gti-goto-wifi-mount/page-120
  9. Managed to try the new firmware 3.32 last night and was guiding with median total RMS between 1.5" and 2.0" for a good portion of the session - very pleased with these figures for this little mount.
  10. Not had a chance to test 3.32 but positive feedback over on Cloudy Nights: Posted Today, 04:27 AM Good news - so my tests of v3.32 last night were positive and no Dec runaway! I imaged quite high above the horizon (the Veil Nebula) for close to three hours. The guiding error had an occasional blip towards 5 arcsecs, but also long periods of between 1 and 2 arcsecs. The results look fine with my 275mm focal length scope and ASI2600MC Pro camera (3.76 um pixel spacing) undersampled of course at 2.89 arcsecs/pixel. I’d like to pin down and remove the causes of the ‘occasional blips’ but at least this firmware appears to allow the software to recover the situation. I’m using KStars/Ekos/Indi (Astroberry) and the Internal guider with all default settings so I need to study how to adjust the guiding parameters (aggressiveness, hysteresis etc).
  11. Tried 3.31 last night - run away on both axes now! I've nothing to lose going to 3.32.
  12. Will be interested to see what features/fixes the new version brings.
  13. What's the consensus on 2nd hand cooled cameras? I've noticed a few where the cooling systems have failed and have been repaired, I understand the warranties are not transferable.
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