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  1. I've no hard and fast rules as to which filter to use I'm afraid. You can search Astrobin to compare images taken with each filter - it might sway you one way or the other.
  2. I think the the ones on top of the tube are the right ones - I'd stay away from the grub screws underneath to adjust 'smoothness' especially since they are ominously marked with NOTE: DO NOT ADJUST IT BEFORE ASKING WO
  3. I'm using both the L-eNhance and L-eXtreme with the ASI294MC pro - I've gone with an OSC because of the limited imaging time here in the UK.
  4. Were you running the cooler when taking your flats? You could cool in stages so go to 0 degrees leave for 5 minutes and then down to -10 etc.
  5. I should add that the motor controller firmware versions have been a bit hit and miss for this mount, the latest version 3.33 has been well received.
  6. I'm getting similar looking flats with this combination too. I initially thought it might be the filter but when I removed it from the imaging train and recreated the flats with the same exposure time I couldn't see any difference. I've seen the long thread on Cloudy Nights but to be honest most of it was beyond me. I think I'm getting reasonable results with dark flats and no bias frames.
  7. Hi I'm waiting for the EQ6-R Pro to come in to stock so I'm spending a lot of time with the GTi at the moment - I have it set up in equatorial mode. The rig is 5kg with a 1.3kg counterweight right at the end of a 30cm bar so hopelessly unbalanced and well over the capacity of the mount for AP you would have thought. However it is guiding surprisingly well - anywhere between 1" and 1.5" RMS total error, not bad for a £250 mount.
  8. Not sure of that particular app but telescopius.com can show the altitude of an object at any particular time from your location:
  9. Yes - I've not tried it yet but from the release notes: Version 3.33: 1. Smoother tracking.
  10. @odyseus10 What version of the firmware are you running on your GTI?
  11. Have you thought about the baader hyperion zoom mark IV?
  12. If you could work out a way to switch off the leds to stop it lighting up like a Christmas tree that would be great - not a great look when I've got my fancy rig set up and the Vonets is squeezed into a bog roll
  13. An alternative power source is definitely worth exploring. Also when you've got both clutches completely undone do both axes move fairly freely are do they bind or feel tight?
  14. Sorry - it was powerlord who was having problems with DEC runaway.
  15. At least your DEC looks fairly stable now. A bit of a saw tooth going on with RA so may be you want to dial back the aggression a touch. What is your exposure time for guiding?
  16. Siril and GIMP (with PYAstro PlugIn) for me on the Mac - both free.
  17. Its official - ASIAIR Plus on the ZWO site now: https://astronomy-imaging-camera.com/product/asiair-plus
  18. That calibration graph on the right looks iffy - its as if you have the left arm version of the FW installed.
  19. Very nice - did you shoot that from the Smoke? Did you use any filters?
  20. Yes - sorry missed that in your post. They did a trade in deal going from ASIAIR to ASIAIR Pro last time. Will see what features they are offering in the Plus before deciding.
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