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  1. I loosened my RA axis (there are loads of You Tube vides out there) and it made a big difference. I can see lots of M12 threaded bars on Amazon UK - I'm guessing it is a different situation for you.
  2. So you have the two ZWO spacers which are 16.5mm + 21mm + 17.5mm from the top face of the ASI2600 to the sensor giving you the 55mm back focus. I have the same flattener and I set it to 11.4mm + 55mm to my ASI294MC Pro. Are you sure the elongation is not a guiding issue?
  3. Bob - I've found Siril to be very good for stacking.
  4. You're right - you just need the connection from the 290MM Mini to the AA+, no need to connect it to the mount too.
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    EQ6R Pro, WO ZS73, ASI294MC Pro, ASI290MM Mini, ASIAIR Pro, Optolong L-Pro, 40x180s, Siril, GIMP.
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    From the album: My Album

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    My Album

  8. You need to choose EQMod Mount in the Telescope field. Let me know if that doesn't work.
  9. How have you connected to the EQ6R - via the handset port (EQMOD cable - 9800 baud) or the mount's USB port (USB 2.0 Type A to B cable 115,200 baud)?
  10. I'm not familiar with the goto kit I'm afraid, I'll need to defer to someone who knows. Might be worth having a look at the ZWO site: https://astronomy-imaging-camera.com/tutorials/how-to-connect-asiair-to-your-skywatcher-mount.html
  11. Assuming you mean HEQ5 - try an EQ-Mod cable like this: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/lynx-astro-cables/lynx-astro-ftdi-eqdir-usb-adapter-for-sky-watcher-eq5-pro-heq5-syntrek-pro-az-eq5-gt-az-eq6-gt-and-eq8-mounts.html
  12. A great camera in my humble opinion. Had what I think were dew issues when creating flats due to rapid cooling so I don't tend to cool when creating flats and dark flats. I don't bother with bias frames.
  13. GoldTop57


    From the album: My Album

  14. GoldTop57


    From the album: My Album

  15. Indeed I have the Pro and don't see the need to upgrade to the Plus - I have the Vonets Wifi Extender and it works pretty well.
  16. ZWO say November 2021 but I can't see any readily available in the UK. You could try for a used ASIAIR Pro.......
  17. Latest version is 3.36 I believe. How are you powering the mount?
  18. Sorry misread the original post - yes I have heard some have been manufactured without threads - I would check with the supplier.
  19. I bought this from Ali Express: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32960958977.html?spm=a2g0s.12269583.0.0.22542c0cLNIFNR Alternatively some people have used M12 threaded bar - something like this: https://www.toolstation.com/threaded-bar/p26973. You'll need an equatorial wedge too, Sky Watcher have one or you could go for the more expensive William Optics version which works very well.
  20. I had a very similar pattern in the centre with the ASI294MC Pro which I was able to eliminate by cooling to zero degrees in stages (or not bothering to cool at all).
  21. Did you cool the camera when taking the flats? Was thinking there might be dew in the centre there.
  22. Don't know if this thread is any good to you: https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/759309-eq6-slewing-in-wrong-direction/
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