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  1. Do you know of anybody in your area/local AS with the same coma corrector? One way of proving whether it was/wasn't the CC would be to try someone else's. If you still get mis-shapen stars it's something to do with spacing. If you don't, however, then there's a problem with your corrector (in theory anyway)
  2. I'd say an EQ5 as an absolute minimum or an HEQ5 or (N)EQ6 - the biggest, beefiest mount you can afford, really. You have a choice of SynTrek (tracking but no GOTO) or SynScan (tracking and GOTO) control. With either you can use EQMOD and ASCOM drivers to control the mount from a PC/laptop (no need for a hand controller). With SynScan you can connect your computer to the hand controller and control the mount through it.
  3. Yes, I believe it is the same cable. In the case of an EQ5 Pro it's the cream DB9 to RJ11 cable.
  4. Oddly enough I'm sure I've read (either on SGL or elsewhere) that the motors in the CG5 mount aren't as good as, and are noisier than, those in the EQ5?
  5. You could always, dare I say it, be "economical with the truth"? When she asks how much, be vague and say "about £xxx" then have something (preferably more expensive) to compare it with. Failing that, just tell her you saved up for it, it's your money and you'll spend it how you like.... Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for any damage sustained by you or your equipment or your marriage should you chose the latter!
  6. Couldn't you use the 102 as a guidescope? You'd need to get a bigger mount though. EQ5 minimum or preferably HEQ5 or (N)EQ6
  7. I've found that Premier Ink is a good source for camera accessories at reasonable prices. You can get remote releases etc. from there.
  8. You don't necessarily need to have a Canon capable of recording video to record video. AstroPhotographyTool has the ability to capture the Live View into a file - effectively turning the Canon into a glorified webcam
  9. I referred to the SW 150mm refractors as examples. If this is purely for observational work as a second mount then I'd go for the EQ5 (but then I'm biased as I have an EQ5! )
  10. I'll second the vote for Steve's book - required reading for anyone considering astrophotography. I'd say go for an EQ5 minimum, HEQ5 or NEQ6 if funds allow. The built-in tracking should be sufficient for a minute or two. Longer exposures will require auto-guiding software and probably a second scope.
  11. Sounds to me like you need an EQ5 (or above) mount with at least some form of motorised RA axis: Skywatcher EQ5 Deluxe Or, alternatively: Skywatcher SupaTrak mount and tripod (though I'm not sure if the latter could handle a 150mm 'scope) Are you sure about the 15Kg? According to the SkyWatcher website their EvoStar 150 OTA is 5.09Kg and their StarTravel 150 is 6.59Kg. An EQ mount only really needs accurate polar alignment if you intend to do astrophotography. As you'll be using the mount for observing, simply aligning it with North should suffice as you'd then use the RA control to manually adjust the position of the scope in Right Ascention
  12. Yes. Enter your local time then when prompted about daylight savings, enter Yes. I believe the Synscan uses the combination of time+timezone+DST to work out the time as UTC.
  13. Anyone interested in comparisons might want to take a look at This comparison
  14. Pity you didn't go to Morgan Computers - you could've got an SPC880NC which you could then "flash" with SPC900NC code, plus a 1.25" adapter, all for £25 or the complete bundle (pre-flashed) for £41
  15. Don't forget that the image you see through the polarscope is inverted, so if the intention is to have the little circle in the Polaris transit position with the weights down, the circle should be at the 6 O'Clock position (as you look through the polarscope).
  16. Would the negative comments about the WO focuser be for the DDG version or its predecessor? The DDG on a Meg72 is stronger than that on the non-DDG 72 and I wondered if the same applied to the 120ED? Not that I'm ever likely to fork out for a 120mm refractor - eyes are still watering from the price!
  17. Surely they should bow to your greater experience in using a proper O/S
  18. An alternative to wxAstrocapture is SharpCap which produces good results. If you use either to produce an AVI file you can use AVIStack to stack the frames
  19. The biggest problem with the EQ5 RA circle to my mind is that the locking thumbscrew locks the circle at 0 and to the mount so that it doesn't rotate with the RA axis. On the HEQ6 the thumbscrew passes through the circle so that it locks the circle to the axis so that it does rotate with the axis. It's possible on the EQ5 to unlock the circle, pull it back and have it rotate with the axis, but it's liable to slippage unless you take it slowly. I imagine for a mount to have a digital readout of RA/DEC it would need to use similar technology to that found in digital micrometers or 'scopes with digital readouts, which would add to the cost of the mount.
  20. Ah. I didn't realise that. Perhaps the difference between AZ and EQ handsets is to prevent an AZ handset being connected to and EQ mount and vice-versa.
  21. If you mean the curly lead that goes from hand controller to mount, with an RJ45 connector (pictured) at each end, then an ordinary network cable available from your local computer supplier will do the trick.
  22. Perhaps the thing to do is see how you get on without a field flattener. If it seems the stars at the edge of an image are too out of shape for your liking, then get a field flattener. If there's an acceptable amount of distortion then stick to what you've got
  23. Go for the biggest you can lay your hands on. The EQ5 is a sturdy, capable mount and what I would reckon is the bare minimum for astrophotography. That said, the setting circles on the EQ5 leave a lot to be desired when compared to those on an HEQ6! The NEQ5 circles are better, but not brilliant. All you need for polar alignment (assuming you have a polar scope) is a piece of software called Polar Finder which will show you the position of Polaris (in respect of the polar scope reticule) at any given time.
  24. Pity Synta can't standardise their tripod/mount head join so you wouldn't have this problem
  25. Psychobilly beat me to it I use Polar Finder on PC and polarfinder Android app on phone (which is very handy as it displays the last transit time as well as where polaris should be on the polarscope circle.
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