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  1. Is there anything the epoxy wont stick to? I thought maybe if you made a frame of metal or plastic (printed, perhaps?) slightly smaller than the sensor and coated with something to prevent the resin sticking to it, it could be placed on the sensor to prevent the resin getting where it shouldn't. If it _did_ happen to get stuck in place it would have the added benefit of giving you an edge to work up to when debayering. Sent from my Nexus 10 using Tapatalk
  2. I hadn't thought of that. To be honest, I haven't really looked at the spec of the 1200D. Happy (for now) with my two 1000Ds. I might get a clip-in Ha filter one day but haven't decided what direction I might go in with regards to more advanced imaging. Getting back on topic, how thick is the adhesive holding the glass in place? Could a razor saw be used, or a circular saw blade on a dremel be used? To dry the air when putting glass back in place, could you set up something where you pass the air over a condenser (at a suitably low temperature) to remove moisture from the air, in much the same way as aircon? Sent from my Nexus 10 using Tapatalk
  3. (Mischievously) I wonder how much more difficult removing the glass from a 1200D will prove to be? ;-) (Not that I'm ever going to attempt this mod on anything!) Sent from my Nexus 10 using Tapatalk
  4. Almost from the horses mouth. The BBC don't seem to have the nerve to announce it themselves, so get an astronomer to do it for them (plausible deniability, perhaps?): "Message from Nick Howes about The Sky at Night I have been told officially by a BBC insider that the Sky at Night will be airing for the final time this December. After a 56 year run, the show will be ending then, with no plan to re-commission it after that date. I have also been given permission by the said BBC person to mention this on a public forum, after speaking to them twice in the last week to discuss and confirm the information is accurate. My personal take on this, is that as with many great institutions, and programmes on TV, the personality behind them, in this case, Sir Patrick, was and will always be the driving force/association. As with shows like Springwatch, which went from an obscure slot on BBC to a prime-time slot with a revamp/rehash and refresh of presenters, I do firmly believe that there is mileage in a public facing astronomy show, one only has to look at the phenomenal success of Stargazing Live or Brian Cox's Wonder's series to recognise that fact. Whilst viewing figures for the Sky at Night have held since the sad death of Sir Patrick, maybe it is a good time to reflect and see what positive can come from this. Having been on the show several times, and interviewed by Chris/Patrick etc, and known Patrick for many years, it's sad.. but not unexpected. So, let's see what positives can come , moving forward. Maybe a revamp, maybe a totally new show, but astronomy in the UK is thriving, and the BBC I hope will recognise this and continue in a strong and positive manner to engage the public in the wonder that is our Universe." Personally, I don't think the programme's been quite the same. I've nothing against the presenters as, on the whole, they do a good job. It's just that someone's been tinkering with the format and trying to make it appeal more widely, conveniently forgetting it's lasted 56 years because the format hasn't changed significantly. I doubt it's a particularly expensive programme to make (and would probably be even cheaper if studio based like it used to be) and it could hardly be accused of occupying vast swathes of the schedule! It doesn't need a "re-vamp" and certainly doesn't need "dumbing down" to appeal to the masses - astronomy is a subject that people from all walks of life are interested in. Sir Patrick knew that, and knew just how to "pitch" it. The BBC Charter specifies that the mission of the Corporation is to "inform, educate and entertain" - something which The Sky At Night has done for so many years.
  5. Welcome to the world of AT Gina. I think you'll find you're in for a treat! :-) It makes life so much easier! Sent from my GT-I9100P using Tapatalk 2
  6. D'Oh! What a numpty I am! I'd forgotten that pots have a limited travel so I won't be able to do what I'd hoped to with one. Looks like I need a rotary encoder or something - preferably without any detentes as I'd rather have a smooth control. The general idea being to translate clockwise/counter-clockwise motion of a rotary control to forward/reverse motion of a motor connected to the focuser. Back to drawing board for me!
  7. Well I'm now the proud owner of an Arduino Uno Just gotta get a few bits 'n pieces together and let the fun begin!
  8. I'm pondering on some form of motor control for the crayford on my WO Meg72, possibly Arduino controlled. Apart from getting all the bits together there's a question of whether to use buttons for forward/reverse, or a potentiometer in a similar manner to here: As I'd prefer not to modify the focuser itself, I'm thinking of taking a leaf out of Gina's book and using a timing belt over the focuser (though I haven't decided whether to use the coarse or fine control - probably the latter). To my mind it seems more intuitive to have a knob to turn back/forth. However, that could be bothersome when initially winding focus out when setting up (unless you have the luxury of a permanent setup), so a push button "high" speed forward/reverse would be handy. All this is speculative at the moment as I may just get a SW autofocuser and rig that up somehow to save time (and possibly money! )
  9. Just as a matter of interest, is China the only place such units can be obtained from? Isn't it a false economy to buy multiple units (expecting failures) than to buy a single, more expensive unit that might last a lot longer/be of higher quality?
  10. Also, a holdall would need to have some very secure handles/stitching - you don't want a battery dropping on your foot!
  11. I'm wondering if the Raspberry Pi camera module currently in development might be of use? I guess a lot will depend on drivers/software and whether open-phd/INDI canwork with the module
  12. As I see it, with Sir Patrick's health failing over recent months his role became more of a link between items presented by the others, in a way preparing us for what's happened. I see the programme continuing with either Chris or Pete being lead presenter or alternating each month. Any change to the format of the programme would, IMHO, be disastrous and would kill it off. Sent from my GT-I9100P using Tapatalk 2
  13. That could be a bit difficult seeing as she died from cancer in 2009. Sent from my GT-I9100P using Tapatalk 2
  14. About £22 for the box and £40-£50 for the bits (excluding battery). Would probably have been less if I'd sourced things like wire, fusebox, connectors from somewhere other than halfords I had a 4hr session on Saturday and ran my EQ5, DSLR and laptop off the battery with no ill effect on the mount. Am contemplating modifying a uniross adapter to provide a bit more voltage to the mount just on case. Sent from my GT-I9100P using Tapatalk 2
  15. Hmm! Link didn't come out as I'd hoped. Here it is: http://www.align-trex.co.uk/super-lube-synthetic-grease-with-ptfe-12g-tube-p-805.html Sent from my GT-I9100P using Tapatalk 2
  16. I got my superlube from http://www.align-trex.co.uk/super-lube-synthetic-grease-with-ptfe-12g-tube-p-805.html'>Here - a much more reasonable price. It's only a small tube but you don't need a great deal anyway, Sent from my GT-I9100P using Tapatalk 2
  17. Though I haven't done it (yet) to my EQ5 I'd say it would be worth it. From what I've seen of the "lubricant" used on my mount it seems way too sticky, so I hope to one day strip everything down as per the tutorial and use Super-lube to re-grease (sparingly). A grease/lubricant that's too viscose is going to make the RA/Dec motors work harder which, in turn, will consume more power from your battery/power tankl
  18. Get a qualified electrician to install power to your obsy properly. It may cost money, but that's better than dodgy electrics costing you your life! Sent from my GT-I9100P using Tapatalk 2
  19. Might I suggest you buy the book before the scope? It may save you money in the long run 0) Sent from my GT-I9100P using Tapatalk 2
  20. If it "seems too good to be true" it usually is. I'd stick to well known reputable suppliers. Yes, it may cost a lot in shipping, but at least you'll have a telescope as a result, rather than an empty account/maxed out credit card. Sent from my GT-I9100P using Tapatalk 2
  21. If you're able to stretch your budget a bit more, take a look at the dell latitude D630 : http://www.morgancomputers.co.uk/product_detail/12577/Dell-Latitude-D630-Core-2-Duo-2-2Ghz-2GB-80GB-DVDRW-14-1-Vista-Business/ (Though you may want to remove Vista) The d630 is quite popular with some astronomers/astrophotographers and is certainly up to the job. Sent from my GT-I9100P using Tapatalk 2
  22. Neat idea! I might try something similar, though with the ring attached to the end of the drawtube on my Meg72
  23. When I first started using my 9x50 finder I found it would fog up so I made a shield by sandwiching sheets of black paper and bubble-wrap together. I found that an A5 sheet would wrap around the finder nicely with a bit of an overlap where I used a glue stick (Pritt-stick) to glue the ends of the paper together. Two wraps of paper followed by one of bubble-wrap followed by two of paper. Thin card would work better than paper as even with those layers it's a bit flimsy. Alternatively, neoprene foam would work. Either way, I haven't had a problem with dew since
  24. Now I'm getting confused as previous posts have mentioned low voltage and stepping up to, say, 13.5v. The SynScan is supposed to be able to handle 12-15v 2A. I want to be able to power mount, camera, laptop, usb hub and possibly dew heater(s) from a single 12v 88Ah battery without running the risk of voltage drop causing mount problems Sent from my GT-I9100P using Tapatalk 2
  25. Have seen a few - usually from China. Haven't spotted one with 2A output yet. Was hooing i'd find something in UK Sent from my GT-I9100P using Tapatalk 2
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