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  1. Been absent from here for far too long - sorry works been hectic. Pretty much as the title says I'm looking for something with an 'wow' factor to show people at a presentation why I like to stand outside in the cold at night. Did have lots of cool links but went old comp blew up. Many thanks - look forward to rejoing the fold now that the darkerr nights are upon us (if it ever stops raining )
  2. Hi All, Got my scope outside for the first time in about 4 months last night, wonderful views of Mars (alot of shooting stars also) - really helped rekindle my enthusiasm - glorious crisp still night with perfect seeing. Came home today to some sort of hurricane - could barely shut the gate into the wind - Is everyone getting this? Is it here for a while?
  3. Hi All, Finally back looking upwards after a difficult few months at work. I'm in the lucky position (I think) of being able to keep my scope on it's HEQ5 mount all set up, just inside our house. All I have to do is lift it (heavier than you'd think & awkward) out onto the patio & let it settle into it's surroundings. As someone who really struggled with Polar aligning I now think I've got this as good as it will get (by me) in that I can track an object on the motors for about 1hr before I need to adjust. I have placed a mark on the patio for where the feet of the tripod go which seems to line the scope uo pretty well.. Each time I lift and move the scope obviously there is a little jarring etc - Does the above methodology sound right or do I need to spend more time setting the scope up each time I use it? Any tips / advice would be useful.
  4. I'm currently building an office / study in my garden. I'll be putting a glass roof onto the structure to get in as much natural light as possible during the day. This is also where my scope is going to live as it will give me a much wider viewing panorama than it's current location. Am I right in assuming that I won't be able to observe through the glass roof? I'm aware there would be localised slight distortion - but I was wondering if the focal length of the scope might overcome it? I can put an opening into the roof of approx 1 metre sq. but I'd need some sort of bond type mount to get up to the 2.5m high roof - suggestions etc more than welcome
  5. Having just about got used to the basics - I'm now thinking of purchasing some accessories (plus I owed a pressie from the wife - see "Is this a disaster" thread). I'm temped by the revelation eyepiece set as it gets a good review from everyone - but would others suggest something else - budget is £150ish. My kit is Skywatcher 200 on HEQ5 with the eyepieces & finder that came with it. I've got books & software so it's actual kit I'm thinking of. So far my favourite things to look at have been the moon & planets (if I'm honest mainly because I can find them) although the most impressive was Orion Neb. in the winter - but I've not had much chance to look at any other DSO's so far. I'm in the Lake District so have a fairly dark sky.
  6. First time I've seen someone do the location identifiers thing - excellent - helps dunces like me alot!
  7. Hi, I run my own business & we actively (i.e. it's a criteria of your employment) 'encourage' our employees to attain vocational qualifications. Under 25's have to join the apprenticeship (yes after the years of NVQ rubbish that no-one recognised, we're now back to apprenticeships). What I notice most is that there is a very definite lack of motivation / desire to achieve amongst the young today. This surely must start with the parents & quite possibly the lack of positive role modelling that they are exposed to. One of the biggest differences of 'now & then' is the level of false expectation that we see in our younger staff, it seems that everyone has an unrealistic expectation without any knowledge of how to achieve it (15 minutes of fame & glory for being a complete idiot). An apprenticeship (as detailed by the college) is now attainable in 1 year - probably many people over the age of 30 are reading this - how long was your apprenticeship? (answer 3-5 years). Many years ago an apprentice's parents would actually be liable for his attendance at work! I see alot of this change as being indicative of the expectations we put on the 'yoof' - whilst it is obvious to anyone who interacts with a wide spectrum of young people that exams are not a defining level anymore (see http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article678647.ece) youngsters can only work & achieve within the system that they are given. Last week we interviewed a 24 year old girl with a 2:2 degree in Business Administration & 4 A levels, her job history to date was Canteen Lady (at the college she got her degree), Morrison's supermarket & animal carer (dog walker). Now none of these are bad or unworthy jobs - but they are not what she could reasonably have anticipated after obtaining a degree - in her own word "everybody has a degree now" - for which read "anybody can get a degree now". More & more we see that we seem unprepared to differentiate between people in the education system - as an employer there is no indication as to the quality of the candidate prior to interview - and as an employee there seems to be no reasonable expectation of what to expect when entering work - or indeed 'life'. just did the 'preview' option & realise I need to apologise for bit of a rant - but it really really annoys me!
  8. Kermit


    Hi Andy, You've come the right spot - there's always someone who can answer your questions at SGL - everyone's really helpful. They've made learning alot easier & more fun for me.
  9. I've just taken it apart in the cold (in fact very hot) light of day - and the results were quite amazing. Theres a sprung silver pin (sorry no idea what the techie term is) that locates the finder in the mount. It appears that last night the scope landed on this pin (it's quite badly scuffed) and the impact turned the pin into a pretty effective hole punch as it stamped through to the inside - end result a 4/5mm hole in tube of finder - I'm pretty much as newbie as it gets but I can't imagine thats a good thing! I will now be renegotiating aforementioned consolation pressie.
  10. Thanks guys - I'll try Gaz's suggestion when I get home. Legion - you would have thought this would be a lesson I'd of learned by now. Still the wife is now learning that when she plays with (read - breaks) my things I need new things to cheer me up! - will be looking at FLO for a 'consolation pressie'
  11. Hi All - it's been a while After very busy period at work & home, coupled with recent weather, I finally thought I'd manage to get the scope out last night for the first time in about forever. Just as I was moving it onto the patio the finder scope decided to launch itself & landed with a horrible 'thunk'. Have subsequently discovered that my darling wife had let our Godson use it to play with!!! There doesn't appear to be any damage - other that a small round bit of metal (approx 4mm in diametre) that was loose inside. I've looked through it briefly last night & it seems OK - but I know from experience that they don't build things with spare parts - anyone any idea what this part is & what function it might perform. It's mainly for my own curiosity as I don't see any way of being able to re-attach it. It's the skywatcher finderscope that comes with the Explorer 200. thanks
  12. Kermit


    Hi & welcome. Where did you post the pics? - would be interested to see
  13. Dabs has 250Gb for £16! I've bought pen drives for more than that.
  14. Cool - score 1 for the amateurs
  15. I've only been a member for a short while - but I'm amazed at the effort & support that you've put into this forum. In the end just about anyone who's uploaded images will have their own copy - it can & will be rebuilt & you should feel very proud that your efforts & approach to this have got the response they have - it's a credit to you.
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