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  1. I am new to astronomy and am frustraed by the weather but really clear sky last nignt in N.Ireland and as a consequence I had my fist view of Jupiter and what a sight. Able to see the large cloud belt. I think I also saw Uranus but was only small speck. Also viewed Andromeda Galaxy which looked like fuzzy disk but still cool to now I was viewing the nearest galaxy to ours. I would welome any suggestions on what to view this month with my scope all though the weather has been **** and last night was the first decent night in months. Skywatcher Exp 1230p az goto
  2. As my new scope takes up a lot of room and the missus won't want it in the bedroom, she thinks i might be mistaken for a perv, is it ok to store in a garage.
  3. Hi Worzel, I am in the same boat as you, I hope to look back fondly in a few years time at my faltering beginnings. Not a bit of clear sky in N.Ireland since the scope arrived but I should have expected that.
  4. Thanks John for prompt reply, yes, that's it. mel
  5. My first scope, a skywatcher explorer 130p GOTO just arrived and of course as expected sky full of clouds so no chance of using it tonight. I have set it up but I don't know if I have fitted the 6x30 findersope correctly, there is nothing to indicate if it is in the correct place in its mount, maybe it doesn't matter. The instructions with the scope are poor, refers only to a red dot finder which I don't have. i would welcome any advice. Mel
  6. Thanks guys, very helpful. Love this site, so much help available. Mel
  7. Can anyone tell me what the difference is between fast telescopes, say F6 or less and slower scopes, F7 and higher. I know the cheaper eyepieces don't work well with fast scopes so would it be better to have a slower scope? Awaiting my first scope.
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    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and the offers of help, I am sure I will be taking these up.
  9. 142mel

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    Hi, new member and new to astronomy, just completed a short course at QUB and am now awaiting arrival of my first scope, a skywatcher 130P GOTO. Any tips about set-up would be appreciated. Have looked at the sky with Binoculars for years. Looking forward to being part of this forum.
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