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  1. Many thanks, there barkis. So now down to the rest of the questions in my fourth post...
  2. Thanks for the comments and support so far, some really good ideas are surfacing... What I want to know is this, could a moon have an atmosphere, oxygen and it's own eco-system? I'm not talking about moving there, or using technology to make our current moon habitable. I want to know if a planet, similar to our moon, could have an atmosphere and life?
  3. This is the 21st century, and with a little artistic license, I hope to create a credible world. Or two.
  4. I really am very sorry, but I strongly uphold privacy, and really do not want to publish my real name on the internet. I know, I know. I have written books, and publish those with my name on, and I don't even use a pen name... But I have always been very tight with the internet, and don't know the real risks, or which places (if anywhere) it is safe to post personal information in. This is really tearing me apart. I am not a famous author, but I am passionate about what I write and I guess that's all that counts in the end. It's what I love and what I can live with and from. I hope you can und
  5. Firstly, the only renumeration that could, and should be performed across the internet is a mention in the foreword. I would be quite happy to dedicate the book to a group of specific person who would help me. If however I cannot find the information I require, I will arrange a formal meeting in person with a local astronomer. I would like to thank brantuk for his comment, with which I agree. I have not yet read any books into astronomy as for many reasons, I am unable to acquire books for another week. The volume of astronomy books is overwhelming and if I have not found some help before the
  6. Alright then, thanks for the advice. I do hope some people can help me... These two worlds are fictional, and orbiting the Earth like our moon. Let's say, for arguments sake, that these two extra moons are completely invisible. - What would be the length of the nights and days? - What would the seasons be like? - How long would be their year? - What would be required to make the planet habitable? If the planet had it's own atmosphere, eco-system and population; - What would be the climates? - What effects would the orbit have on water on the planets? - And anything else that would differ to Ea
  7. Just thought I would add some additional information about the book; It is a science fiction/adventure book intended for teenagers, It is based sometime in the 21st century, And it involves two planets that I need some information about... Would love to hear from someone soon.
  8. Astronomer... Right. I did that earlier today also... I am wanting an astronomer, to clear things up. Anyone up for the job?
  9. Hello guys, I hope I'm posting this in the right place... I am an author, which the really intuitive among you may have already guessed. I am writing a new book and need a little help with some space science and theories... It's a little hard to explain without giving away the plot behind the book. I would love to pair up with an experienced astrologist (Astronomer is what I meant) to help me. Hopefully someone who also has some imagination... The information I require will be based around planets. If you think you are fit for the role, please state below, and I will get back to you. As I don'
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