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  1. Looks good, if ever you want to check against another system I have been running an SID detector at home for many years. Mine, and a friend's live SID detector plots are shown on my website here. http://www.merriott-astro.co.uk/vlf.htm I just use a long loop hung on the side of the house and fence and I get some cracking SID detections. Regards Dave
  2. Lower left centre, probably a meteor, do you have the individual image for that one? Wibbly wobbly.. nothing celestial, must have been something in front of camera or some sort of reflection. Dave
  3. Also, we are open for National Astronomy week, Saturday 8th March
  4. Another course is being run next Saturday 18th January Places still available! Dave
  5. Latest weather shows still quite breezy and showers for Thursday so looks like we will be lucky to see much through our scopes. Plenty to see at the Lockyer Technology Centre though, SID and CME detections, weather satellite images, live optical and radio meteor detections. Hope to see some of you guys and gals there !
  6. Detections are easy, as long as you know where to find them ) You can watch our radio detections as Mallorcasaint mentioned http://www.merriott-astro.co.uk/spam3D.htm All data from the network is held at each individual station and pulled together when something interesting happens at the Norman Lockyer Observatory. You can also listen to the live audio from our system here http://merriott-astro.no-ip.org:88/broadwave.m3u?src=1&rate=0 (So much better than the audio feed from space weather.com) and made here in good ole Blighty! Our 2 camera optical system is located at the Observatory, ou
  7. http://www.merriott-...pam3D.htmLive radio detections http://merriott-astr...3u?src=1&rate=0 Live Audio of meteor detections http://www.ukmeteorwatch.co.uk/meteors Live optical captures of meteors. Enjoy !!
  8. Tell your friends too, we have put a lot of effort in again to make the day as interesting as possible, we hope you all enjoy it. See you all on Saturday! Dave
  9. Hi Gaz Unfortunately not yet, but should time allow over xmas I may give it another go with the PST attached.
  10. Forgot to mention, here is a video of it in motion on my balcony Dave Not exciting but at least you can see it moving, even if it was taking pictures of the railings.
  11. Oh.. so as I am the guinea pig, surely a huge rebate for my woes?? ) Seriously though.. I am very impressed, some issues with solar as mentioned above, and will try with the stars one night, but the DSLR side of things.. just amazingly good and easy to use. I am sure even SteveB (FLO) could use it given time. Dave
  12. Ok, very quick message. Tried to align on the sun... oh dear.. only gives option of daytime objects or stars, and the sun is not mentioned. I told it to go to Mercury (as this is close to the sun) and then moved a little to get sun in view. Whilst there is no sun menu there is solar tracking, so turned that on. Tracking was quite poor, obviously because it's alt/az and couldnt really figure out what the heck to do. It was ok for visual but the sun would noticably move in less than a minute so it was not suitable for imaging, so I switched back to the SE mount so as not to waste some decent cle
  13. I can test it for sun tracking during the next clear weekend if that would help.
  14. Maybe this will help http://www.merriott-...at 23.18 #2.jpg it shows the connector to the camera (left side) and that fits my Canon 350D The other connector is the one into the mount. The USB behind is to give you an idea of scale. Looks like the mount connector is identical to the connector on the Canon camerasn they are mini jack plugs.. HTH Dave
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