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  1. Thanks for this, I will keep an eye on the stock. I am in the US so I will hopefully wish shipping is not too much extra but it might be worth it in the end. You sir, have my thanks.
  2. I have experienced my first official heartbreak today. The place I ordered my AVX from called and told me they do not have it in stock even though the website said available so now I am back to work searching for an alternative. I do see a 9.25 AVX (not HD) in stock so I’m wondering if I should go with that. I am a bit sad to be honest.
  3. Amazing! I just pulled the trigger and made my purchases! Had to go to three different sites to find everything in stock and then price compare, but here is what I ended up with. Advanced VX 8" EdgeHD Telescope DEW SHIELD DX STARSENSE AUTOALIGN SkyPortal WiFi Module NEUTRAL DENSITY MOON FILTER EclipSmart White-Light Solar Filter 8-24MM ZOOM EYEPIECE X-Cel LX 5 mm Eyepiece Smartphone Adapter DX Kit I think that will basically set me up for visuals for a good long time lol. AP can come later, but I basically just spent 3 grand as a treat to myself for surviving these past few years - getting through a long bout of depression and anxiety, finding a new job and coming out the other end much happier. Thank you everyone for awesome advice, I think I'm going to be busy very, very soon.
  4. I think I'm gonna wait on a reducer because I'll think about getting a Hyperstar which I am reading does a fantastic job and I also have to think about a proper camera. Right now I'm going to solely focus (ha) on visuals for a while so I can get familiar and acclimated to everything.
  5. This has been helpful y'all. Like I said, I'm not going to probably ever go hardcore DSO AP, just want something for light work eventually. Yes I can eventually grab something else if I so choose, who knows...the technology might improve in the next 5 years. Anyway, I think I am going to go for the 8" Edge HD AVX. That seems to be a nice sweet spot for a lot of things. Can someone tell me if this set-up would work or if there are things you would include/exclude? Advanced VX 8" EdgeHD Telescope DEW SHIELD DX FOR C6 & C8 STARSENSE AUTOALIGN NEUTRAL DENSITY MOON FILTER - 1.25" 8-24MM ZOOM EYEPIECE - 1.25"
  6. That's an amazing image, wonderful job! I've heard that regardless of scope, the supplied eyepieces aren't going to cut it and I should grab something additional...any recommendations? Also, having trouble figuring out the difference between StarSense vs CPWI vs ASPA vs whatever else lol. It's just not sticking in my head for whatever reason...probably because I just had my 2nd Covid shot and it's beating me up right now.
  7. It's such a difficult decision and I keep going back and forth between CGEM and AVX in both aperture sizes. Back and forth, back and forth I go. I feel like that means even with all the research I've done I'm somehow still not ready to pull any trigger, and my better judgment is telling me to slow down again. Kind of frustrating and confusing to be honest, I almost can't remember what's what anymore and am having trouble making a clear decision. Probably not the best mode for buying something expensive lol.
  8. Invaluable information here, thank you for taking your time to detail all that out for me and showing me an example of what can be achieved and the limitations. I don't expect to automatically produce amazing quality work off the bat and it's something I will have to learn in time. I wish I could say I was the young kid with the cool scope mom & dad got me for Christmas one year and I've used it ever since etc etc. But that wasn't me sadly...I'm only getting into all of this now that I'm getting to be middle-aged and I don't have the time to invest in a starter scope and keep upgrading upgrading upgrading. With young kids it's simply not an option right and if I wait any longer I'll be old and gray lol. I do appreciate all the insight.
  9. Thanks so much, and I see what you're saying. Would the C9.25 also be able to handle some DSO? I'm not talking anything complex or obscure etc, just light DSO work. I understand I would probably need a focal reducer for it so no big deal, I'm not trying to wow the world here I just want to be engaged in the hobby for some nice pics every now and again.
  10. These both come in at the same exact price and I found them in stock. Anyone familiar with either? Just want to understand what would drive you to choose one over the other.
  11. Appreciate the sentiment here. I wish the stock levels would rise over here...I'm seeing items not expected to come in until August 2022 which is just shocking to me. Makes me sad (and irritated!).
  12. Thanks that's really good info. I'm going to pass on it because it's suspicious. I have to say though...with absolutely EVERYTHING being out of stock everywhere I look it's incredibly frustrating and almost makes me want to throw my hands up in the air and just say forget all of this. It's such a downer some days and makes a newbie like me want to just throw in the towel, I'm sure that's an overreaction on my part but I can't help it.
  13. Thank you for the information. I see Adorama, Focus etc on the list of preferred dealers on Celestron's site...is there a reason not to use them?
  14. What's cookin', galactophiles. I am brand new to astronomy and I am starting much later in life. I was never that kid that had any sort of starter scopes or was ever encouraged to look up and see what's out there but I am discovering my passion for this hobby only beginning this year. This might sound silly, but I don't really want to go through the process of grabbing a starter scope, playing with that for a while and then progressing to something better, playing with that for a while, and repeating the process over and over. I kind of want to skip the whole appetizer portion of the meal and go straight to the entrée, I don't really have the time to waste since I'm trying to make up ground I lost from decades ago. I finally in my life have the financial means to get something really nice so I was looking at the Celestron 9.25 and I intend to make that the only one I ever need. Advice on where to study up in the meantime would be helpful, since I don't yet have the means of buying the thing because of the current shortages that are frustrating everyone. Thanks a ton!
  15. I found this retailer online who has the Celestron 9.25 in stock and is selling it below MSRP. They are located in Indonesia and shipping to the US only seems to be $100. Since this particular model is sold out absolutely everywhere I stumbled across this and was so excited to say "is this FINALLY the day I can pull the trigger?" and then the red flag warning went up in my head. I can't find any social media presence for this vendor, I can't find any online reviews or much of anything else really. There is a telephone # posted on the site (haven't called it) so that's good I suppose and their FAQ section is rather extensive and looks and sounds on the up and up. I cannot for the life of me decide on what to do. I feel like this is a "too good to be true" situation, that's what my gut tells me...but man I do want this telescope and this is the only place I can find it. Has anyone else here ever heard of this retailer? Looking for some peace of mind as to their reputability. Thank you! https://wamsuv.com/product/celestron-9-25-nexstar-evolution-computerized-telescope-12092/
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