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  1. I will do my best friend! Your help is greatly appreciated…another report back in the AM. oh and to OP, I just realized I hijacked your great thread, I’m sorry about that…I didn’t intend to.
  2. I centered the chimney first with an EP, removed the EP and inserted the cam w/nose piece into the focuser back. The sliders do SOMETHING to be sure, basically just alternating between white, black, an occasional bluish or tan or whatever - but it's so sensitive and fleeting that it's virtually meaningless to what extent I leverage the sliders. So something IS happening, but no picture or anything. My scope focuser knobs do next to nothing when the cam is in. I read somewhere that having this cam is nearly equivalent to having a 5mm EP, so I wonder if I'm pointing at things that are too close but then again, pointing at the moon last night produced nothing either. I'm still going to try your moon tactics later on tonight to see if something works but I'm just lost at this point. I don't think Sharpcap in 32 or 64 version matters, I know I have USB 3.0 ports so I really am at a loss.
  3. Daytime problems arising for me too, which was unexpected. pic 1 is what I see through my finder scope which is a chimney top pic 2 is the actual chimney top, about 100 some odd yards away pic 3 just shows the cam attached to the focuser in back pic 4 is just an example of the settings in sharpcap no slider I adjust works, from exposure to gain to capture area etc etc, the PC screen just goes from white to black and every shade in between depending on movement. quite literally can’t get a picture and don’t know how to proceed. This isn’t much fun
  4. Cheers for the response sir. Ok, so on this Travelscope the finderscope is fixed to the OTA with two thumbscrews at the base. The tube rings do allow for some movement forward and back but that's about it. So in essence, whatever I see through the finder will be slightly off from what appears in the EP, and that is a constant due to the construction of the piece. What I did was find the moon and other objects through my EP and then removed the EP and diagonal and inserted the cam. By doing so, it always causes some shift since let's face it, the TS70 isn't going into the Astronomy Hall of Fame of good Scope Construction and so when I engage Sharpcap, I never really know if what I centered in the EP is still there or if it is off. And if it is off, going about finding it again with the cam proved fruitless - I assumed I would see at least something as the moon for example is rather large and doesn't move too fast. Whenever I move the focuser wheel on the scope it always slightly shifts everything left or right (again, see construction) so it isn't the most stable of wheels. I'm going to try again tonight, it's another clear sky later on but I will make sure to do some daytime work first and follow your instructions.
  5. I did take the fisheye lens off and attached the nose piece, so check. I turned that not too stable focus wheel every which way I could think of. Basically I went to the moon, or a star, or a planet, found it and centered in my 32mm EP, unscrewed the EP and diagonal and then inserted the camera and connected to Sharpcap. When that didn't produce anything I figured what the heck and popped in a 3x Barlow just to try it out and again, zero. Focusing manually all ways I could think of. I think I will try the daytime thing first, that's probably the smartest thing I could do at this point.
  6. This was a frustrating night I must admit. It wasn’t a simple as plugging in and playing with exposure. I literally saw a black screen the whole time, no stars, no star fields, nothing. I pointed at the moon and it got brighter but still couldn’t make out a thing no matter the setting. I ended up doing visuals only for the rest of the night and snapped a Jupiter + 4 moons from my iPhone. Quality stinks so I can’t post it here because it’s not up to any standard really lol. My Travelscope is really proving its limitations…I suspect I can’t see a thing w/the ZWO because it’s just too much for the scope to handle. That is, unless I’m doing something outrageously wrong then I can’t imagine it could be anything else. I’ll have to keep playing with it but have to be honest…got a bit disappointed tonight.
  7. I don't even think it's an answer I'm looking for here, I think most of the time what I really need is a reassurance that things will be ok and to just take my time etc. Almost like a little astro-baby that needs attention and guidance. Sounds weird, but goes a long way boosting someone's confidence.
  8. I guess that's true, I just don't want to screw anything up. When you don't know you don't know!
  9. Ordered the book the other day and shipment is en route! I am halfway decent with the scope itself and know the basics of SynScan and north-aligning, so I'm ok there. And I've gotten up to speed with all my eyepieces and their limitations and abilities so comfortable with that. I suppose it's the camera and software that is clogging my head now. I have no background in photography whatsoever, and here I am looking at people talking about ISO and exposure time and flats and darks and gain, binning and histograms and polar aligning and hydrogen filters processed through Autostakkert and Registax...and I'm sitting here wondering how to take a color picture
  10. Just installed my brand new ZWO 224MC and downloaded Sharpcap and ASI Studio. I have experience in absolutely none of it and have almost no idea how to go about any of this. Just for reference, I have an AZ-GTi and a little Travelscope 70 which I know is the weak link in my chain. The most I've ever done is taken a picture with my iPhone through an eyepiece so this is understandably daunting. I've watched every Youtube tutorial I can think of (I almost feel more lost after that because of info overload) so I think the best thing I can do for myself now is just get out there and see what I can or can't do. Figured I'd ask here first though...what the hell do I do haha?!
  11. I suppose I could play with it to see what works best. Often times, I feel like I have to get too rigid with the operations aspect of things and then I remind myself that trial-and-error is a wonderful thing.
  12. Right so you make great points here. The reasoning for the CGEM/SCT is because I want the future flexibility to get more into AP if I choose and not have to go back to the planning board and re-buy another scope, mount etc. So it's my sort of hedging the bet here on the front end in case I eventually change my mind. The 224 is in my cart as we speak but thanks for the ADC note, didn't know that existed. For this instance, what would connect to what? 224->Barlow (if used)->ADC->Scope?
  13. I'm going to order that today, many thanks for that.
  14. I currently have my humble little set-up so far (see signature) as I try to learn the basics of things and so far I have to say I'm getting pretty good. I can align my mount/scope in 90 seconds but as you can see I'm only working with beginner level equipment and taking some crude pics from an iPhone through whatever EP I have attached at that moment. So far I've seen all the popular beginner stuff - Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Moon, Polaris, Arcturus, Vega, you get the idea. As I continue on this journey, I do believe I have my eyes set on some things to get to the next level. I think I've settled my AP intentions as the following - I want to do planetary & lunar imaging mainly with a light touch every now and again on DSO (M16, M51, M101) but nothing groundbreaking, intense or obscure. The problem I face now is that I feel very overwhelmed with how to proceed and I need some kind of support to bring me back down to the ground and explain things to me like I'm a 2-year old. It's interesting, I didn't just jump into the most expensive/biggest/best end of the pool which I have seen tends to happen to beginners...but the more research I do and the more knowledge I (think) I gain, the more lost I feel. I almost have information overload where the things I have studied over and over again begin to not make sense and since I have no practical application of these products yet, they remain as just theory to me until I take the plunge. I know that I want a Celestron 8 or 9.25 EdgeHD on a CGEM II - that much I have solid But as far as all of the other accessories and necessities, I feel almost lost because of this info overload I'm experiencing. I do think I want to go down the ZWO path though, they seem popular and reliable. I'd appreciate if someone could guide me and let me know exactly what the hell I need to get started in AP according to the parameter I mentioned above. Guiders, focusers, cameras, ASI Air's, Registax, etc etc - I almost feel like I need to see a workflow charted out in front of me to see exactly how things connect to where and what they do. I'm trying to avoid making expensive trial-and-error mistakes and I feel my brain has turned to goop. Cheers.
  15. I didn't mean for anything to get silly, but as I'm learning this is a very UK-centric board where there's not much to worry about. Seeing as I'm not from the UK, I wasn't aware those lands were blessed with the privilege of such a level of safety. Over around these parts, there sure is a larger variety of harmful animals. Loose bears, fox, raccoons (which are rabid), deer, coyotes, etc. + human beings when let's face it, after midnight the only ones out and about isn't little 5-year-old Sally walking her poodle. Didn't realize it was such a silly question to more experienced people who may have had further insight, my apologies.
  16. I've had run-ins or near run-ins with both lately. And thanks, I wasn't specifically referring to guns but more of anything else really...mace / pepper spray, a hunting knife, etc etc From the sounds of it, many are saying wild animals are not a UK problem, is that really true? I presumed most of every country has issues with whatever is local to them. I know around my area, coyotes are sometimes a problem, there have been reports of stray bears roaming around, definitely lots of deer, and who knows what else. I do appreciate the other advice though about joining a club and going in packs, that's a good idea. My problem is I am a bit of an introvert and suffer from some social anxiety, so sometimes I have trouble being with other people and I figured astronomy was a good hobby for loner types like myself.
  17. I’ve sat in my new found favorite field for many hours now, and the things I hear around me can be terrifying lol. Coyotes, weird howling, shrieking, buzzing etc. Hell, even people show up sometimes and have no idea I’m sitting there…that’s worrisome to me in case they see a dark shadow moving and decide to investigate. I guess it depends where you are but does anyone utilize some level of personal protection when out in the field? I want to make sure I’m not being paranoid and this is like a totally legitimate thing to do.
  18. There was finally a clear night last night so I took my little TS70 out to the best dark site I could find (I'm in Bortle 6) and did some stargazing at first. Once 1-2am rolled around, Saturn and Jupiter came up and I managed to view those objects for the very first time by myself and I even snapped a few photos of both (dreadfully horrible pics using only an iPhone because that's all I have right now). What is amazing to me is when you're doing general stargazing, the amount of distant "shooting star" and/or "comets" you come across that blaze across your FOV in the blink of an eye. The fun part is attempting to grab your mount controls in time and trying to manually follow it before it disappears.
  19. I've got my 32mm Omni Plossl, 8-24mm Zoom, 20mm stock Plossl, 10mm stock Plossl, a 3x Barlow, and 2.3 X-Cel for some newbie impulse reason smh
  20. I don't yet have a 40mm EP but do have a 32mm EP and wondering if there is a substantially large difference between them (yes I know, 8 mm ha ha ha). Going to AstonomyTools site I can't notice that much of a change between them but would appreciate some insight from those who have used both. I'm operating a little Travelscope 70 + AZ-GTi mount (for now).
  21. I'm not some big environmentalist nor am I indifferent to the destruction of the earth, but I'm having two, old dead trees removed from my backyard tomorrow and my very first thought was "what a fabulous opportunity, now I'll have the ability to view more of the sky" but I also maybe want to plant a couple trees somewhere to offset the loss. Has anyone ever PURPOSELY removed bushes and trees at home purely for astronomy purposes?
  22. I got a better follow-up shot the other day and processed it slightly through Photoshop. So much to learn!
  23. By the love of all things holy I think I got it. I updated ALL firmware once again which was step 1. Step 2 was doing as you said so that I reversed the position of the scope again so that the finder scope was on top. It’s a partly cloudy night so I can’t see Polaris or Vega but I can see Arcturus which is good enough. I attempted to North align to Polaris and Vega so I did that blind and hoped for the best. The first good sign was that the scope started to point to the sky rather than the ground. After I “aligned” it I directed the scope to pointer Arcturus which I could see still and off it went and successfully pointed there. Next I went to try Dubhe and once again it worked. I can’t thank you enough for your help and I’m going to try it again once it’s another clear night just to confirm everything is OK but this is leaps and bounds better than where I was for the first 2 weeks with this mount. Cheers to you and to you all!
  24. Thanks all. I’ve created a video to hopefully show you exactly what is happening. I’m on an iPhone - iOS 14.6 so it’s the latest
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